Macbeth (1948)




Director:     Orson Welles

Starring:     Orson Welles (Macbeth),  Jeanette Nolan (Lady Macbeth),  Dan O'Herlihy (Macduff),  Roddy McDowall, (Malcolm),  Edgar Barrier (Banquo),  Alan Napier (A Holy Father),  Erskine Sanford (Duncan),  John Dierkes (Ross),  Keene Curtis (Lennox),  Peggy Webber (Lady Macduff),  Lionel Braham (Siward), Archie Heugly (Young Siward), Jerry Farber (Fleance), Christopher Welles (Macduff Child), Morgan Farley (Doctor).

The 1971 version is probably a bit better, but many prefer this version of actors speaking with Scottish accents.  

Republic Pictures.



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