Me and the Colonel (1958)





Director:     Peter Glenville.

Starring:     Danny Kaye (S.L. Jacobowsky), Curd Jürgens (Colonel Prokoszny), Nicole Maurey (Suzanne Roualet), Françoise Rosay (Madame Bouffier), Akim Tamiroff (Szabuniewicz), Martita Hunt (Mother Superior), Alexander Scourby (Major Von Bergen), Liliane Montevecchi (Cosette), Ludwig Stössel (Dr. Szicki), Gérard Buhr (German Captain), Franz Roehn (Monsieur Girardin), Celia Lovsky (Mme. Arle), Clément Harari (Man of the Gestapo), Alain Bouvette (Rothschild's Chauffeur), Albert Godderis (M. Gravat).

just before the German invasion of Paris, a Jewish refugee tries to escape in a car and picks up an anti-Semite & his girlfriend



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