Midnight Clear (1992)



Director:  Keith Gordon.

Starring:  Peter Berg (Bud Miller), Kevin Dillon (Mel Avakian), Arye Gross (Stan Shutzer), Ethan Hawke (Will Knott), Gary Sinise (Vance 'Mother' Wilkins), Frank Whaley (Paul (Father) Mundy), John C. McGinley (Major Griffin), Larry Joshua (Lt. Ware), David Jensen (Sergeant Hunt), Curt Lowens (Older German Soldier), Rachel Griffin (Janice), Timothy S. Shoemaker (Eddie), Kelly Gately (Young German), Bill Osborn (American Sentry), Andre Lamal (German).


1944 in France, near the end of World War II.  A German Platoon wants to surrender rather than fight in Germany's final offensive. Acknowledging that war is absurd, an American intelligence squad and the Germans celebrate Christmas together before the possibility of the two groups being forced to fight each other.


Historical Background:




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