The Mill (2003)





Director:     James Hawes (2003).

Starring:     Kerrie Hayes (Esther), Ciaran Griffiths (Boon), Barbara Marten (Hannah Greg), Matthew McNulty (Daniel), Holly Lucas (Susannah), Katherine Rose Morley (Lucy), Sacha Parkinson (Miriam), Connor Dempsey (Tommy Priestley), Hugh Simon (Dr. Holland), Mark Frost (John Howlett), Joshua Isherwood (Jack Howlett), Ewan Phillips (Timothy Howlett), Justin Salinger (James Windel), Aidan McArdle (John Doherty), Holly Kenny (Patience), Sope Dirisu (Peter), Andrew Lee Potts (William Greg), Mark Strepan (Will Whittaker), Dave Hill (Abe Whittaker), Laura Main (Rebecca Howlett), Morgan Watkins (George Windell), Shannon Metcalfe (Mary-Ann), Samuel Woodcock (George), Richard Banks (Mule Worker), Neil Broome (Regular Mill Worker), Patricia Winker (Mill Worker).

TV mini-series

abuse of cotton workers in England



Spoiler Warning:

The mill bell is ringing.  It's time for everyone to get up.  The girls and boys have to wash their faces in the ice cold water.  In the dark they have to walk down to the cotton mill.  The foreman Charlie Crout tells a young girl to go to the bathroom. He follows her into the bathroom and closes the door. He starts sexually accosting her.  One of the mill boys, Tommy Priestley, gets his hand caught in part of the wheel works and he's suspended in the air.  He starts screaming.  One of the mill girls, Esther, rushes to the bathroom and tells the foreman to come out and help Tommy get his hand out of the wheel.  The foreman comes running. 

The wealthy family that runs the mill are eating at the dinner table.  The founder of the mill, Samuel Greg, suddenly notices that the mill room stopped. He goes over to the mill room and sees Tommy has been hurt. Samuel tells the two girls to take Tommy up to the house.  









Patrick Louis Cooney,  Ph. D. 



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