Millions Like Us (1943)





Director:    Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder.

Starring:    Eric Portman (Charlie Forbes), Patricia Roc (Celia Crowson), Gordon Jackson (Fred Blake), Anne Crawford (Jennifer Knowles), Basil Radford (Charters), Joy Shelton (Phyllis Crowson), Megs Jenkins (Gwen Price), Naunton Wayne (Caldicott), Terry Randall (Annie Earnshaw), Moore Marriott (Jim Crowson), John Boxer (Tom Crowson), Valentine Dunn (Elsie Crowson), Beatrice Varley (Miss Wells), Amy Veness (Mrs. Blythe), Irene Handl (Landlady).

A British female worker in a defense plant during WWII learns to become less shy and more independent as she falls in love with an airman, only to lose him to the war.  In her grief she has the support of her many coworkers and friends.



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