Das Wunder von Berlin (The Miracle of Berlin) (2008)





Director:     Roland Suso Richter.

Starring:     Kostja Ullmann (Marco Kaiser), Karoline Herfurth (Anja Ahrendt), Veronica Ferres (Hanna Kaiser), Heino Ferch (Jürgen Kaiser), Michael Gwisdek (Walter Kaiser), André Hennicke (Heinrich Wolf), Gesine Cukrowski (Marion Niemann), Tino Mewes (Moskau), Anna Loos (Juliane).

the lives of a young East German, his girlfriend and his parents are changed forever with the coming down of the Berlin Wall, 1989 (English subtitles)


Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film.

"The wall will still stand in 50 and even in 100 years if the reasons for it have not yet been removed. Border security is the sovereign right of every country and therefore also of our German Democratic Republic."

East Berlin, June 20, 1988. 17 months before the fall of the wall. A woman returns home to the blaring music of her son, Marco. Marco is not appropriately dressed for an interview with his professor and mother tells him: "You're ruining your future out of plain stubbornness!". But Marco is just not taking anything his mother says seriously. He asks her for some money and she says his life is constantly buddies and beers.

Father comes home. He is a colonel in the Stasi (secret police), named Jurgen Kaiser. He sees Marco leaving the house and tries to tell him that he can't dress that way, but Marco won't listen to him either. Grandfather, dad and mom are upset by Marco's attitudes and behavior.

Marco goes to a club where a lot of people are dressed in a punk style and listen to punk music. He asks a pretty young lady named Anja if this is her first rave? She doesn't say anything. She seems to be repulsed by the punk atmosphere and she starts leaving. Marco goes after her and asks her where's she going? Her reply is: "Out of here. It's like a hole full of rats."

The police arrive. Almost everyone is arrested and taken in big trucks back to police headquarters. There they are made to stand against the wall. The police hit them with a high pressure water hose.

Cold, wet and shivering Marco has to get naked. They let him put his clothes back on and then they start the interrogation under a very bright light. A policeman tells Marco that he shirked his military service. Marco did this fraudulently. "You were arrested at a riotous assembly of enemy elements you initiated."

The colonel watches the interrogation on television in a control room. It seems the colonel himself is in trouble because Marco has had previous infractions of the law. The captain says: "It casts doubt on your example as a father and a Chekist".

A pretty blonde woman is in the room and she introduces herself to the captain as Lt. Marion Niemann. She asks to look over the list of goods the captain has requisitioned from "us". She adds that Comrade Kaiser has the list. She says this list of goods could be processed much faster if Comrade Colonel didn't have to deal with this matter of his son's misbehavior.

Once out of the control room, it's obvious that the lieutenant and the colonel have been having an affair.

Dad goes in to see Marco. He tells him that he has had it too good. Marco is still being uncooperative with his father, who tells him that he won't have much fun in Bautzen prison. From there, he has seen people who have been broken.

Marco is forced by threats of what will happen to him to agree to cooperate with the police.

He goes home and tells mother that he will be going into the army in autumn, but after that he wants to study German literature at the university. This makes his mother jubilant and she says:  give her son some time and he'll always make the right decision. She says this calls for a celebration, but now she has to go to work.

Grandfather says he assumes that Marco will put in three years in the army. Marco goes into his bedroom.

At work at a book store, mother talks to "the professor" and tells him Marco has decided to study German literature. The professor agrees with her that this is a good thing. She sells him a copy of a book on Gorbachev of which she only had five copies.

Marco waits for Anja to show up. He sleeps on the steps leaning against a railing. Anja walks up to him and looks at him. Someone walking down the steps awakens Marco and now he sees Anja. She probably just got home from police headquarters because she says that she needs to take a shower.

He tells her he knows a place where she can shower a half hour from her hostel. So she gets on his motorcycle and they take off. They go swimming in a lake.

They lay down on a blanket and Marco complains about his dull parents. Anaja responds: "At least you have parents." She tells him that he lives a life of luxury complete with a motorcycle, and yet, he still complains. Anja is disgusted with him and says he's just one more of those "no future" types.

Marco tells her that he is going into the army and then he will study German literature at the university. He adds that he wants to keep seeing her. They kiss.

Lt. Niemann comes to see the Colonel. He gives her a bottle of perfume. She smiles. She says she has some news that he's not going to like. Anja has a police file. She was right and the Colonel doesn't like it. He says: "My son only gets involved with the wrong people."

It appears that Anja's file is regularly cleared by someone unknown. The file manager told the Lieutenant that he doesn't know who it is that is protecting this young girl. Very rudely, the Colonel tells his lover to find out. She tells him that she is no longer his subordinate. He stops her from leaving and apologizes for the way he spoke to her. He is perplexed and a bit worried wondering why someone would regularly clear a young lady's file? He also tells Marion thanks for what she is doing for him.

The next morning Marco finally comes home. Mom is mad at him saying that they were going to celebrate Marco's decision last night. Marco is so happy that he grabs his mother's neck and tells her that he loves her. This shocks mother who hasn't heard those words in a long while.

Marco has Anja come over and they engage outside in a bit of horse play. He wets her down with the hose.

The news this day is that more and more people are leaving East Berlin altogether. They want to live in freedom in the west.

Father and grandfather hear sound of love-making coming from Marco's room. Dad mentions to grandfather that the couple is going to wake up the whole neighborhood. Grandfather asks father how would he know? "You have a wife in her prime and you're letting her dry up." Dad shoots back that at least he talks to her, which grandfather can't seem to manage. Grandfather shoots back:  "You didn't go to war."

In the morning Anja has breakfast with the whole family. Dad shocks her by rudely asking her if she is an orphan? Anja almost chokes on her food but answers yes. She says when she was four years old her parents died in a traffic accident. Mother asks her if she was adopted? No.

More questions are asked of Anja until Marco gets disgusted and says he will take her to school now. Grandpa asks another question and Anja says she's studying nursing. This pleases mother as she was a nurse too.

Marco pulls Anja away from the table with food in her hands. Grandpa tells her to come back and visit with them.  Anja says she will. The young people leave the house. Mother says that Anja is good for Marco.

Marco and Anja hang out at the lake with a lot of punk types. They start talking about punks in prison and punks who have to regularly report to the police. One of the guys, Krumme, says: "Funny. The one who organized the rave is free." This leads to a fight started by Marco. They both tumble into the lake and continue fighting there.

A friend of Marco asks Anja if she knows that Marco's father is a Stasi bigwig? She says that Marco's father is a high-up person in the ministry.

The news of the day is about Gorbachev and perestroika (an ease of tension between East and West).  Dad says that this is the beginning of the end. It's dad's birthday and they have a barbecue party in his honor. Grandpa really likes Anja, but dad is keeping his distance from her. Grandfather talks about himself and dad mentions that his father fought at Stalingrad and went to Siberia.

Now Anja asks some very forward questions of the Colonel: "Did you organize my release? Are you with the Stasi?" And now the divisions in the family make their presence known. Marco is very concerned that Anja may not think highly of his father and his whole family. It may be his own birthday, but dad leaves the party.

Alone with Anja, sMarco says that's his family. She wisely says: "Any family is better than none." She speaks of their future. She will work as a nurse and Marco will go to school. Then they can begin their own family.

The Colonel has sex with Marion in his office. After sex she tells Jurgen that he would be better off with her. Jurgen says a divorce would ruin his position.

In bed Marco reads a children's story to Anja until she falls asleep. Grandfather looks at a photo album. Father arrives home late. Mother is in bed and is put-off by the lateness of her husband's arrival. Dad reads a newspaper and has a beer. Anja falls asleep and Marco kisses her on the forehead.

The next day Mom helps Marco pack for basic military training. Grandfather brings him two cartons of cigarettes (the only real currency in the army, he says) even though Marco doesn't smoke. He then gives Marco a good hug and leaves.

The family, with dad hanging back, say goodbye to Marco, who is disappointed not to see Anja in his buddy's car. When they are driving on the highway the first question Marco asks is where's Anja? She had to study, says the buddy.

Now Marco is feeling really low. Suddenly Anja gets up from the backseats of the car and lets Marco know that she's here. He is ecstatic and virtually throws himself into the back seats They laugh and have some champagne.

Marco gets out of the car right at the front gates of the army base. He kisses Anja goodbye. Anja tells Marco to remember that "slacking time" is over for him now.

On base the yelling of basic training begins. And old defiant Marco immediately gets himself in trouble by being a smart-aleck. The drill instructor asks his name and then says he will remember this.

The lieutenant now talks to the men. He notices the Colonel watching them from a second floor window and he immediately straightens up at full attention to deliver his talk. There must be a lot of fear of the Stasi.

Everyone in the unit now stands in line for their military clothing and then get their hair cut short. The guys are then assigned to barracks. In the morning the drill instructor gives the men two minutes to get dressed and line up in the hallway. It takes 2 and 1/2 minutes to line up.

With his big mouth, Marco has made his life harder and he has made his fellow soldiers wary of him because they know the drill instructor has it in for Marco. And sure enough, the drill instructor singles Marco out for his unkempt appearance in line. He makes everyone do ten push-ups.

Anja is being filmed, probably by the Stasi. She goes into the book store where her potential mother-in-law works. She gets a big hug from her. Anja says it's only been a week and already she misses Marco so much. Mother says Anja can move into Marco's room and help her with some housework. Anja currently is sleeping in a hostel. She is joyful and throws her arms around mother and gives her a bigger hug.

Marion comes to see Jurgen. He wants to hold her tight but she says not now. She has brought him the file on Anja. Apparently, Anja's mother was killed riding a bicycle and being hit by a truck. The girl was just five years old at the time. The birth certificate says "Father Unknown".

Furthermore, somehow Anja is connected to Operation Tango, the overthrow of Salvador Allende, president of Chile (September 11, 1973).  So now Jurgen jumps to the conclusion that Anja is probably spying on him.

At home Anja and Hanna, the mother, are having a really good time. Anja needed a mother and Hanna needed someone to take the place of Marco for three years.

At training the drill instructor deliberately prevents mail from reaching Kaiser. He gives a sickening smile to Marco.

Hanna tells Anja that Marco went into the Sports Academy to train as an Olympic swimmer. Later when Anja helps Hanna with the food preparation for dinner, Hanna tells her that her husband thinks she ruined Marco's career. Why? After four years of boarding school Marco became estranged from the family. He stopped being a child and talked only about his trainer and his pals.

She thinks the trainer may have given Marco some kind of drug because he nearly died in the hospital. She wouldn't let Marco go back to swim training after that. She threatened her husband that she would go public with the story if he tried to stop her from taking their son out of the training camp. "Since then, neither of them has talked to me." Anja's eyes start watering up.

They are interrupted by grandfather yelling that there is mail from Marco. Anja opens it to find two sentences in the letter. He is graduating from basic training and he wants his family to be there. Of course, Anja is disappointed at such a short letter. Mother says at least Marco is well. Wisely, grandfather says: "Those are the letters you write when a pal is freezing to death beside you." Anja starts to cry.

At basic training, the army is a bit too strict. The drill instructor keeps pushing the men hard, always thinking about looking good to his superiors and not really caring about the men. When soldier Klee is badly injured and falls, Marco goes back for him. He sees that Klee has a serious injury and starts yelling for help. One of the guys who wants to be the squad leader comes over to check and tells another soldier to get some splints for Klee and then Klee can finish the squad assignment. Marco says Klee is too badly hurt to be walking. The ambitious soldier, like his drill sergeant, doesn't give a damn about Klee. They both want the man to walk.

Marco runs over to the drill instructor to explain the situation, but the drill instructor is non-responsive to his requests. Marco tells the fellow to fire off the flair. The drill instructor says the flair is only used in emergency situations. The arguing continues until Marco grabs for the flair gun and gets involved in a scuffle with his drill instructor. Marco finally knocks the instructor down with a blow to the face. He now fires the flair up into the sky.

At headquarters, the major sees the flair in the sky. Marco is put in jail. The major comes to see him. He tells Marco that his act was sheer stupidity. Assaulting a superior is a court-martial offense. Marco broke the man's jaw. But the reason for the assault is a good one and it shows that there is something special about Marco Kaiser. He's one of the elite. "Carry on."

The news of the day is that a new page has been turned in German-Soviet relations and, hopefully, many more pages will be turned. German politicians gladly shake the hand of Mikhail Gorbachev (who served as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 until 1991).

Graduation time. The whole family is there to see Marco. Only dad holds back again. Marco goes to him and hugs him. Dad congratulates him on his graduation.

To illustrate the power and influence of the Colonel, many people are waiting in line to get a table at the local restaurant. The Colonel is a bit late, but as soon as he shows his Stasi identification card, the restaurant owner throws out a family already seated at a table. This upsets Marco a great deal and he refuses to sit at the table. Instead, he goes outside for a walk. Anja runs after him.

Marco is still a bit miffed at Anja for supposedly not writing to him and he is a little short with Anja. She turns the tables on him by grabbing his hat off his head and running across a field. She runs to a barn and they push through the door. They have sex in the cab of some farm machine.

After sex Anja gives Marco two sexy pictures of her in lingerie. The changed Marco reacts badly asking who took these pictures? Anja tells him not to make a big deal of it, but he says grandfather reads porno magazines. Anja says they have nude pictures of women in the regular magazines. He quickly gets dressed and leaves the barn.

The Suez Crisis. Vietnam. The Falkland Islands. Chile. The major shows slides of each of these conflicts to the unit. He comments: "An American oil company manager once confessed to me that for oil, the US would come into any war in the world. This is the national doctrine of the United States."

The news of the day is the terrorist bombing of a Boeing 747 flight over Lockerbie, Scotland. Some 247 passengers died. (December 21, 1988.)

At Christmas time at home Anja asks grandfather why can't Marco get any leave from the army? "Sometimes that's how it is in the army, my girl."

The major comes in with beer and says tomorrow anyone who beats him in a 5,000 meter run will have one-day leave.  The next day the major wins the race.

Anja, grandfather and mother attend a church Christmas ceremony. And still the Stasi is taking pictures of Anja. They take pictures of the family talking to an older man with a younger woman.

Late at night Anja goes to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. She sneaks past father who is crying over a program dealing with an Olympic multiple medal earner. On the way back she stops long enough for her father-in-law to see her. He turns off the television and says: "My Marco could have stood there."

The boss comes into Jurgen's office. He shows him a photo of his family outside after the church service. Is this a photo of his wife? Yes. The superior officer says that they are working on the older man and younger woman couple. He says: "You know what that means." Yes.

Jurgen is really mad when he arrives home. He says he wants Anja out of the house in five minutes. Hanna threatens her husband that if Anja goes, she will too. Grandfather leaves the room. Jurgen now tells Hanna that the so called orphan is a spy who has it in for Marco and for him.

Jurgen now starts a little book burning event. He rids his house of the too liberal books. He says: "All this Western stuff has to go, once and for all." Grandfather asks: "You know when books were last burned, right?"

Christmas dinner is held without Anja. Grandpa and Hanna are still deeply upset about Hanna being forced to leave. In the other room, Anja cries.

Hanna refuses to eat the Christmas dinner. She takes a bottle of wine to drown her troubles. She goes in to tell Anja that once upon a time Jurgen wasn't like he is now. About Jurgen, Anja says: "I always have the feeling I have to pay for something I didn't do."

Hanna tells her that when Marco gets out of the army she will buy them an apartment. And Anja has to agree that neither of them will let anything get them down mentally. The two women hug.

It's election day once again. It's the first for Anja. Anja writes Marco asking why doesn't he write to her?

In church the pastor tells the people of clashes in Leipzig between police and demonstrators, who are protesting voter manipulation. When the church goers leave the church the police make everyone of them show their IDs.

There are protestors in the street and things start heating up with a bit of pushing here and there. The agents for the government start arresting people. They grab Anja for no apparent reason. Thank goodness, Marion is there to take custody of Anja. She takes her passed the paddy wagon and tells her to get out of here. Anja doesn't hesitate to leave.

The odd couple visit with Hanna in her office. The blonde woman says to her: "You have an Ormig machine. We could copy the Leipzig Proclamation."  There's a knock at the door of the book store. It's Anja. Hannah and Anja are glad to see each other safe and sound. They go to Hanna's office and Anja says that something has to be done. The elder man says that things are happening all over eastern Europe.

On the news there is film of thousands of East Germans fleeing into West Germany via Hungary and Austria.

Marco is put on the border, the very thing Anja was most worried about. While patrolling he hears a noise. He goes to check on it and tells the men in hiding to get up. They turn out to be East German soldiers. The major was just testing Marco again.

When the test is over the major says that he wants Marco to take leave to see his girlfriend. Marco ignores the Major's statement. So the Major says he wants to make Marco a platoon leader. He says all he really wants from Marco is loyalty to him, the army and the people of East Germany.

At home, who should appear but Marco in his military uniform. His mother runs to hug him. Grandfather is next. He wants to know if Marco is on leave because he doesn't want the lad getting into trouble with the army. Yes, he's on leave.

Anja is studying in her hostel when Marco comes driving up to see her. She runs out of the building and the two embrace each other. On the way to the lake Anja has Marco stop by some woods. She asks him if he thought she would let him see his friends before she had a good while with him? She asks if he has ever screwed in the woods? And she goes running off from him.

Now the couple make a grand entrance on the lake shore. They speak of the friends that have left East Germany. And Marco gets into another fight with his harshest critic, who calls him a Stasi boy. Marco slugs him in the mid-section and the fellow bends-over from the blow. The guys tells Marco that he doesn't belong here anymore. So Marco starts leaving with Anja, who asks him: "What's got into you?"

Chinese soldiers cleared Tiananmen Square last night.

When the couple arrive home, they go to different rooms. Hanna tries to soothe Anja, while Marco sits in the living room with grandfather. Gramps tells him that he got a telegram. The telegram tells Marco he has to report for mobilization.

He gets in his uniform and kisses Anja goodbye. He leaves. Mother runs after him to tell him that he shouldn't treat Anja like dirt when she is the very best of what he has in life. Marco says he can't let down his mates. Then he nastily adds: "I won't let you take my friends from me any more."

Anja writes a letter to Marco saying that his parents were away from the house and she found grandpa laying unconscious on the lawn. He had a heart attack and it took 45 minutes before the ambulance came. He is alright now.

Mother came home by the time they were putting grandfather into the ambulance. Dad came home just before the ambulance took off. He then tried to give some money to the crying Anja. Anja just said oh, God and ran away. Hanna went after her.

Anja returns to her hostel. There waiting for her is Marion. Anja wants to know why Marion is here and why does she have her letter? Marion signals to her to shut up. She points to a wire in the apartment. So Anja goes for a walk with Marion.

The Major tells Kaiser to go get the jotter from his office. While looking around the office, a file falls to the floors spilling a hell of a lot of photos of Anja and him and Anja with her two parents. It appears that the Major is Anja's father and he is the one who has been clearing Anja's records.

Marion and Anja are at the zoo. Marion tells her that her father is alive. Anja says that Marion is Stasi and she doesn't believe her.

The Major comes into his office and sees Marco sitting down looking at the many photos of him and his family. The Major tells him: "I know. Nothing is worse than betrayal of trust."

Marion tells Anja that her father was with the Stasi and he was an adviser in Chile when her mother died. "He disappeared two days after the coup d'etat."

The Major tells Marco that the military junta in Chile captured him and thought he had killed his wife. He was not allowed to see Anja.

Marion tells Anja that she was put in an orphanage but the Stasi kept her under surveillance. She now gives Anja's file to Anja, who carefully looks through it.

The Major tells Marco that it took a full year for him to convince his comrades that he had not been turned by the enemy. And still they wouldn't let him see his daughter. He goes over to a window to look out while he continues talking. Marco grabs a telegraph form and sneaks out of the room.

Anja learns that Marco's father thought she was sent to inform on him and his son. Anja is still suspicious and asks why Marion did this? Marion says she sees that socialism is dying and she wants Anja to remember who gave her the file if she is ever asked to say something about Marion.

Marco goes home by bus. When he is left off in Berlin a really massive demonstration is being put into place. It's a celebration of 40 years of socialism in East Germany.

Marion goes to speak with Jurgen. She tells him that both Hanna and Anja joined the west-influenced New Forum. She then turns and walks out.

Marco goes to see grandfather whose mind has definitely been harmed by the heart attack. He asks him where is Anja? Grandfather says she left something for him on the table. It's Anja's file.

Heading over to the hostel, Marco sees the police roughly handling the demonstrators against socialism.

Anja and Hanna are actually at a rally at the church.

Marco reads through Anna's file. He suddenly realizes that his best punk friend was a Stasi agent.

Jurgen goes to the book store and walks into his wife's office. The blonde woman working with them is told to get out. Anja keeps her head bowed and follows after the blonde. So now it's only Hanna and Jurgen.

She tells her husband that she can smell her perfume all over him. He tells her not to change the subject, but she wants to know how long has the affair been going on. He is only concerned about how the Party will react to his wife supporting New Forum. He tells her not to abandon him now, but she says it's actually he who is abandoning them. He says he has orders. She says his father had orders too.

Jurgen slaps his wife so hard that she falls to the floor. He tells her to never compare him with his father.

Marco walks alone on a lonely road. The Major comes by in his jeep and tells him to get in. "If we got marching orders, you'd be in Schwedt (84 km or 54 miles from Berlin on the northeast German border with Poland)." And now the Major finishes the rest of his story. He drives Marco to the army base where Anja is waiting for him.

She tells Marco that she is not going to leave before she can talk to him. Marco says that he already knows about the whole thing. He read her file. Anja objects that the folder is a Stasi file with all kinds of lies in it.

The major had driven into the base a little ways. He calls for the corporal to come and get into the jeep. Anja sees him and has a strong feeling that this man is her real father.

Grandfather and father are together in the kitchen. Dad tells his father that he wished he had died in Stalingrad. He and mother got along so well, before he came back into their lives in his stinking Nazi suit. Everything Jurgen has done has been because of his father.

Hanna comes homes. She looks in the kitchen and then keeps on going. Jurgen goes in to see what she's doing. She is packing her clothes into a suitcase. He asks her if she too is escaping to the West? No, she's not. Jurgen says now he is up for disciplinary action for Hanna and Anja's activities.

Really, Jurgen is one of those people who are so blinded that they just never get it. He thinks that everyone is betraying him, when it's he who is the betrayer. He tells his wife that the government and he always took care of their family. She gives him a flash of reality: "They used batons on women, children, old people. Beat and arrested them!" Now Jurgen says that if the opposition wins he and his family will all be hanged.

Hanna hears grandfather moan and she goes to his room and locks the door behind her.

Hanna goes to the apartment of the blonde woman from New Forum who worked on printing out the Leipzig Proclamation. The woman says to her that Erich Honecker, General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party from 1971 until 1989, just resigned! Hanna asks if she can stay with the woman? Without any hesitation, the woman invites her to stay as long as she wants. She and Hanna hug each other. The older man in the apartment says that they just voted Egon Krenz into office (October 1989).

Marco gets on the truck headed for Berlin. They will be under the command of the border guards.

At the demonstration someone says: "In the autumn of 1989 we rise from the ruins and turn towards the future. " Jurgen's boss can't believe they are broadcasting the speech on television. He gets so disgusted that he leaves Jurgen's office.

In Berlin who should be the border guard commanding Marco and his unit? The one-time drill-instructor, who had his jaw busted by Marco.

There are one million people estimated to be attending the rally in Berlin. Hanna watches television coverage with a large group of New Forum people. She sees how sad Anja is sitting in another room of the apartment. Anja is crying.

Hanna brings Anja a drink. She then kisses her head and pulls Anja up against her body.

Grandpa listens to the television from his hospital bed. Anja comes in to visit with him. She tells him she has come to say goodbye for she is leaving for good. Grandfather starts to cry and says he is really sorry for what happened to her.

The news is that new elections will be held and they will be fair. Anja listens as the committee agree that anyone who wants to leave East Germany can do so without proving any family relationships. Grandpa tells her she can go now.

Marion comes into Jurgen's office. She turns on the television. People in droves are leaving East Germany. And now Berliners demand that the gate between East and West Berlin be opened permanently.

The New Forum peole see this as the ending of the GDR. Anna comes to celebrate with Hanna. People are coming out onto the streets. The Major commits suicide with his pistol. Hanna backs out of the celebration. She is sad that so many people want to abandon the GDR altogether.

The former drill instructor wants Marco and his men to fire into the crowd, but Marco refuses to order his men to shoot. He stands up to the little monster. News arrives that the borders have been opened. The gates are opened. The people give out with a shout of joy. As people pour by him Marco looks for Anja. But it's Anja who finds him first and jumps into his arms.

Hanna comes to her husband's office and finds Marion and Jurgen watching the television there. Marion touches Jurgen's shoulder and leaves. Hanna closes the office door.

People are absolutely ecstatic. Even Marco and Anja are seen on television holding each other.


Good film with some good twists along the way.  The film is a love story between Marco and Anja.  Marco comes from a rich background, while Anja is a poor orphan studying to be a nurse.  There are huge obstacles in the way of a successful love relationship.  What's much smoother is the relationship between Anja and Marco's father, mother and grandfather.  That relationship is strong and steady, except for the relationship between Marco's dad and Anja.  The dad works for the Stasi (secret police) and is convinced that Anja is a spy placed to inform on dad and he will do anything to stop a marriage between Marco and Anja. Is this relationship going to make it?  There are a lot of damaged people and this is a big obstacle for any possible good outcome. 

The film is also good because it ties in what's happening to the family to lots of mentions of historical background. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


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