Il caso Moro (The Moro Affair) (1986)




Director:     Giuseppe Ferrara.

Starring:     Gian Maria VolontÚ (Aldo Moro), Mattia Sbragia (1st Brigadist), Bruno Zanin (2nd Brigadist), Consuelo Ferrara (3rd Brigadist), Enrica Maria Modugno (4th Brigadist), Enrica Rosso (5th Brigadist), Maurizio Donadoni (6th Brigadist), Stefano Abbati (7th Brigadist), Danilo Mattei (8th Brigadist), Massimo Tedde (9th Brigadist), Francesco Capitano (10th Brigadist), Margarita Lozano (Nora Moro), Sergio Rubini (Giovanni Moro), Daniela De Silva (Maria Fida Moro), Emanuela Taschini (Anna Moro).

Red Brigade kidnaps the Chief of the Christian Democratic Party


Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film.


"Rome 16 March 1978: the parliament is about to vote the trust to a government combined with another, for the first time in 40 years, also from the communist party. The president of the Christian Democracy, Aldo Moro, is the head of this government."

Two fellows race down the road on a motorcycle. 

At home a brother tells his sister Agnessa that if she doesn't come now he is leaving her behind.  Agnessa comes and they both say goodbye to their mother.  Agnessa says goodbye to her little nephew, Luca.  Mom has an older daughter who is the mother of Luca.  Mother says that Luca is staying with them.  The matter is not open for discussion.  The daughter says that's just not fair. She protests that Luca doesn't go with her, the poor boy is not even going to know his own house.  Luca's mother tells him to come with her, but he just rides off on his tricycle to say hello to his grandfather. 

Grandfather asks Luca if he remembers the story of Peter and the Wolf.  The boy remembers it.

As Moro gets ready for work, so do the student radicals.  A woman puts on a blonde wig while a fellow named Mancano checks his pistol. Moro himself also has a pistol that he places in a small bag.

A fake policeman named Chiamami gets dressed while talking with his wife.  He tells her if anything goes wrong she can hear it over the police monitor. 

Two fake policemen jump in a car driven by the brunette woman with a blonde wig. 

The chauffeur picks up the bodyguard, who has a whole bunch of newspapers with him.  The chauffeur asks him how is he going to be able to read all those newspapers? 




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