Outpost in Morocco (1949)  -- French Foreign Legion and colonialism in Morocco

Morocco (1930)  --  Foreign Legion film (with Marlene Dietrich)

Beau Geste (1939)  --  French Foreign Legion

Legionnaire (1998) --  the Foreign Legion's battles against Spanish Moroccan Berbers

March or Die (1977)  --  French Foreign Legion against the Arabs in Morocco

La batalla de los Tres Reyes (The Battle of the Three Kings) (1990) – (?) aka The Battle of Alcácer Quibir was fought in n. Morocco in 1578 pitting Abu Abdallah Mohammed II Saadi & King Sebastian of Portugal against Moroccan army under the new Sultan of Morocco

Another Sky (1954)  --  in the 1950s, an English woman becomes a paid companion of a wealthy expatriate and is changed by the mysteries of Morocco



World War II

Casablanca (1942)  --  love in 1940 French Morocco under French Vichy government