The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)



Director:  Walter Salles.

Starring:  Gael Garca Bernal (Ernesto Guevara de la Serna), Rodrigo De la Serna (Alberto Granado), Mercedes Morn (Celia de la Serna), Jean Pierre Noher (Ernesto Guevara Lynch), Lucas Oro (Roberto Guevara), Marina Glezer (Celita Guevara), Sofia Bertolotto (Ana Mara Guevara), Franco Solazzi (Juan Martn Guevara), Ricardo Daz Mourelle (Uncle Jorge), Sergio Boris (Young Traveler), Daniel Cargieman (Young Traveler), Diego Giorzi (Rodolfo), Facundo Espinosa (Toms Granado), Matias Gomez (Kid).



I really enjoyed this movie.  If the rapid anti-communists can forget for one moment about the dangers of Communism, this is a moving story of how the son of a privileged family takes a tour of South America and winds up learning an important political reality: the injustices growing out of the great differences between the various social classes on the South American continent.  The scenery is great, the acting is great, and the message is a good one.  One does not need to be a Communist to be disturbed by class inequalities, but one does have to be a conservative to be indifferent to them. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


June 8, 1952  Beginning of a journey of 12,425 km.  They start out from Buenos Aires, Argentina on a leaky 1939 Norton 500 motorcycle. 


Date kilometers Place
January 13    601 Miramar, Argentina
January 29  1,809 Piedra del Aguila, Argentina
January 31  2,051 San Martin de los Andes, Argentina
February 03  2,270 Bariloche, Argentina
February 15  2,306 Lago Frias, Argentina
February 18  2,772 Temuco, Chile
February 26  2,940 Los Angeles, Chile
March 07  3,573 Valparaiso, Chile
March 11  4,960 Atacama Desert, Chile
March 15  5,122 Mina de Chuquicamata, Chile
April 02  6,932 Cuzco, Peru
April 5  7,014 Machu Picchu, Peru
May 12  8,198 Lima, Peru
May 25  8,983 Pucallpa, Peru
June 08 10,223 San Pablo leper colony
June 14   celebration of Che's 24th birthday
June 22 10,240 near Leticia, Colombia
June 26 12,425 Caracas, Venezuela



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