New Worlds (2015)




Director:     Charles Martin.

Starring:     Pip Carter (Judge Jeffries), Phil Cheadle (Ralph), Holli Dempsey (Agnes), Joe Dempsie (Ned), Jamie Dornan (Abe Goffe), Alice Englert (Hope), Michael Maloney (Hardwick), Freya Mavor (Beth Fanshawe), Jeremy Northam (Charles II), Guy Henry (Randolph), Amy Marston (Martha Hawkins), Michael McElhatton (John Hawkins), Tom Payne (Monmouth), Elliot Reeve (Caleb Cresswell), Malcolm Storry (Adam).

TV mini-series.

England and Hadley, Massachusetts fight for liberation from Charles II


Spoiler Warning:


Episode I.

"Charles II has been restored to the throne, but England still simmers with political unrest.  When renegade Abe jolts aristocrat Beth Fanshawe from her privileged outlook, he changes both their lives irrevocably.  In New England colonists struggle to throw off  the crown's control while waging war against the natives."

"1680.  Charles II has reigned in England for 20 years.  Hope that the restoration of the monarchy would bring stability to a realm fractured by civil war is fading.  Fears that the Roman Catholic brother, James, will succeed to the throne to open old religious wounds and fan the embers of republican idealism.  King Charles II reacts with brutal force, while continuing to hunt down those responsible for his father's execution.  His vengeful eye falls upon Massachusetts, New England, where the Puritans are hiding one of the remaining regicides."

Hadley, Massachusetts.  The people have a meeting with the representatives of the Hawkins Bay Company.  They complain that they can't pay their rent because they have to work so much on building up the defenses against the Indians.  Ned Hawkins, representing the company, says:  "My father sent me here to tell you this.  Continue to fall behind with your rents, for whatever reason, and the Company may have to find new ways of making its land return a profit." 

The people object to this, but, all of a sudden, someone rolls a severed human head down the aisle in the meeting room.  The head is that of the watch guard. The Indians are charging the fort with their ladders.  The battle commences and there are many casualties on both sides.  Hope Russell and Ned kill a number of the Indians.  Things look bleak but then William Goffe, a heavy man with white hair and white beard,. comes to the rescue.   The man shouts:  "Hold firm and trust in God!"  He orders the men to form into two lines.  He tells the men to make ready with their weapons.  Now he tells Hope and Ned to open the gate.

The board is removed from the gate and the Indians throw the gate open.  The Indians charge the two lines of fire.  Goffe orders the men of the first line to fire their weapons.  A lot of Indians go down.  Goffe now orders the second row to fire.  More Indians fall and the remaining Indians turn around and run out the open gate. 

Tower of London, England.  A number of enemies of King Charles II have been hanged.  Judge Jeffreys, the hanging judge, tells Captain Blood that he too will be hanged.  His son tells the judge not to hang his father:  "Let your wrath fall on me!"  The judge decides to make use of this daring young man.  He asks young Blood if he can smile in the face of someone he is about to betray?  Blood answers:  "If it would keep my father from the hangman."   Judge Jeffreys now tells Blood that there is a house in Oxfordshire.  There live a lot of republican fanatics and they spread sedition like dung across the fields.  Angelica Fanshawe, now Countess of Seacourt, runs the show.  She has a pretty daughter named Beth.  Her Papist husband dotes on his wife and the Roman Catholic Church. The judge sees them all as traitors.

The judge speaks with King Charles II.  He says he is convinced that Angelica Fanshawe conspires with His Majesty's enemies, as she once did with Cromwell.  Furthermore, her letters will lead them to William Goffe, one of the last of the murderers of Charles II's father, Charles I.  The man is hiding in Massachusetts.  Charles II says to the judge to bring Goffe to him alive and he will have his heart cut out at Tyburn.  ["For many centuries, the name Tyburn was synonymous with capital punishment, it having been the principal place for execution of London criminals and convicted traitors, including many religious martyrs." Wikipedia.]

Charles II moans:  "Yet another petition.  16,000 signatures got up by Shaftesbury and the Whigs, asking for me to recall Parliament."  The King will ignore the petition.  Now he tells the judge go arrest Angelica Fanshawe.  The judge says he needs more proof of Fanshawe's guilt and wants to place his spy Will Gore amongst Angelica's followers.   The two conspirers agree to save the Blood father and son  at least until the son brings them Lt. Col. William Goffe and Lady Fanshawe. 

Wightham Woods, Oxfordshire.  A man named Abe Goffe and two companions chase down a deer.  Abe shoots the deer with a crossbow.  The deer runs to the mansion of the Fanshawes.  There it drops onto the lawn.  Abe and his friends are about to cut it open when a young lady comes running out from the mansion.  Abe invites the lady to bathe her hands in the fresh blood of the deer.  Beth Fanshawe now comes running after Barbara.  Barbara tells her to wash her hands in the blood for it will bring good luck.  Now Abe hears the voice of an older woman and cuts the deer's throat, with the blood splashing onto Beth's white nightgown.  It's Lady Fanshawe and she shouts:  "No more blood."  She tells the men that they are trespassing and they must leave at one.  Abe says that the meat of the deer will feed six families for a week.  His says that Edward Sexby would have let them have the deer.  The men leave and Beth asks her mother who is Edward Sexby?  Her mother ignores her. 

Beth wants to find out about Edward Sexby. She goes up into an attic and snoops around.  She finds a letter signed by Sexby.  She hears some noise and takes the letter with her. 

Angelica tells a man named Sir George Hardwick that she will not sell him her land for more of his clay pits for making bricks.  He says the King wants to built a new London from the old London that the Catholics burned down.  Angelica's husband denies that this even happened.  Hardwick warns the husband:  "It's high treason to deny the Popish Plot was real."  And Hardwick warns that the King will be very displeased when he hears that the Fanshawes entertained his bastard son Monmouth.  The husband says it's not disloyal to give hospitality to travelers.  Angelica speaks up saying that Monmouth has no rightful claim to the throne.  The only heir is the King's brother James.  She also notes that Judge Jeffreys is Hardwick's brother-in-law. 

Beth takes the Sexby letter outside to read it.  It says:  "Dear Wife, Beloved Angelica.  If you read this, then the bells have rung out for King Oliver [Cromwell] and I am no more.  Do not think on what might have been for us.  Think on the dreams we all fought for, an England free of kings and tyrants.  I think now on you and our child you carry.  Call him Edward for me, or if she be a girl, then let her be Elizabeth, for our dear friend, Beth Lilburne.  Farewell forever.  Remember, in the final account there is love.  Your loving husband, Edward Sexby."

Judge Jeffreys comes to see his new spy, Will Gore.  He says the Duke of Monmouth parades through the countryside, drumming up support for his claim to the throne.  He is supported by the Earl of Shaftsbury.  A poor peasant woman named Agnes asks Monmouth to touch her hand and forearms to heal her of the blisters there.  Monmouth touches one of her forearms and Agnes is very grateful for this.

Hadley, Massachusetts.  Ned goes to talk with William Goffe.  They shakes hands, but William's men tell him he must leave now.  They are going to the caves above Brogden's Belt.  Hope and Ned go with Goffe.  They have to camp out overnight.  Goffe says that John Hawkins came him to build a city on the hill in the names of equality and brotherhood, but the land was stolen  from the red man.  He adds that soon the New Englanders will have to rise up against the Stuart kings. 

Abe and his two friends hold-up a party in honor of Monmouth.  Monmouth sticks his knife in the mid-section of one of Abe's friends.  The friends drops on the lawn.  Abe's friend now grabs Beth and takes her away with him.  Abe follows into the woods.

Back in Hadley the King's agents are demanding to know where are the town's people hiding the regicide? 

The people stay quiet, but then a little boy mentions that an angel came to save them one day.  Later the angel went back to Pastor Russell's house up in the mountains.  The townspeople sigh over the boy's remarks. 

An Indian tracker is following Abe's trail.  Hope come up from behind the tracker and slits his throat.  She then takes his scalp, saying this will make people think that he was killed by his own people.  Monmouth and the agents come looking for the trail even after it becomes dark.   Eventually, they have to give up the search.

Beth asks Abe to tell her all about this Edward Sexby.  He says Sexby wanted a true republic for England.  His father fought alongside Sexby and Oliver Cromwell.  Eventually, Sexby became unhinged and tried to kill Oliver Cromwell.  Beth now tells Abe that Edward Sexby was her father.  Meanwhile, her mother worries about Beth's location.  She hears some noise from the attic and goes to check up on it.  She sees that someone has been in the chest and took out a letter to her from her first husband.

Abe says his father was a real hero.  And his father went to the colonies in the New World.  Beth walks away from Abe, but he comes after her.  They hug and kiss. Then they argue again.  Abe tells her to open her eyes and ears to see and hear the plight of the poor.  Soon they hear the tramping of the poor through the woods.  Beth sees  the miserable men, women and children walking with their work tools. Many of the poor wretches are workers from the clay pits.  Abe condemns Hardwick for keeping the poor trapped in the clay pits. 

King Charles II's agents have cornered William Goffe on top of a mountain.  He says he will not be butchered on a scaffold.  He holds his arms out to his sides and slowly lets himself fall backwards off the mountain.  He falls to his death.  Ned sees all this happen, but he is helpless to help Goffe. 

Abe sets Beth on the path back to her home. 

Ned returns to Hadley to see Hope.  He tells her that Goffe is dead.  Hope tells Ned that her father has been arrested for treason and Ned must leave or he too will be arrested.  She tells him to go to his father in Boston and ask for help.  Goffe mentioned a woman in England, Angelica Fanshawe, that always sent him money.  And send Goffe's ring to her and say to her that Goffe's papers are seized and she is discovered.  They take Hope away. 

Beth walks along the path.  A man on horseback catches up with her.  It's Will Gore.  He tells her he means her no harm.  He asks her for the road to the Fanshawe home. 


Episode II.

"To avoid the king's agents in Massachusetts, Ned's father urges him to flee to England, and Hope faces pressure to marry.  In Oxfordshire, Abe and Beth plot to blow up the clay pits run by merciless landowner George Hardwick." 

Will Gore delivers Beth back to her home.  Her mother hugs her and Beth tells her:  "I am not hurt, mother, nor am I dishonored." 

Beth asks her mother in the house if she would have ever told her about Edward Sexby?  Mother says that's in the past and should stay there.  She adds that John Francis is the best of fathers. He has protected them from the madness that would come beyond these walls. Beth replies:  "The madness has come over the walls."

Beth's step-father gives Will Gore a job on the mansion.  And now the spy has a place among the family. 

Boston, Massachusetts. John Hawkins says he has to get his son Ned out of Boston right now.  Agent Randolph is only a day behind him.  Ned arrives.  He tells his father that before he leaves for England on a ship he wants dad to mail his letter to Hope Russell. Dad says he will do it. Once they separate, dad throws away the letter to Hope. 

Abe and his friend cut down their other friend who was hung from a tree limb.  Beth watches them for a window.  She gets her riding clothes on and heads out on her horse for the woods.  Will Gore watches her go.  She  hooks up with Abe and they light two torches and start lighting a barn on fire. 

Hardwick says to the hanging judge that John Francis denied the Popish Plot.  Jeffreys ask if there was another witness to the denial?  No.  That's a disappointment for the judge.   He knows Hardwick wanted the man's land, so he could expand his clay pit business.  But now they have to forget all that because the clay pits have been set on fire.  Abe and Beth quickly leave the area.  Abe says now they will go to Hardwick's gun store. 

With the help of a young woman named Pru, Abe and Beth with others grab rifles, gun powder and shot. Later Beth takes off for home.  Her mother waits for her and tells her that now her daughter has put the whole family at risk. 

The next day Beth and her mother argue the best methods to bring about social change.  Mother does not want to see violence used, but Beth believes that violence can help the movement. 

Jeffrey's puts more pressure on Will Gore to find evidence against Angelica Fanshawe and her husband.  John Francis trusts Will Gore and he shows Gore his little Catholic hideaway. 

Beth meets up with Abe in the woods.  He tells her not to come into the woods again because the woods are full of the King's agents.  And by the way, the agents shot his horse.  To show Beth the dangers now, he takes her to the dead body of Pru, hanging by the neck from a tree limb and with a sign around her neck with the words written on it of:  "Prudence Day, Traitor to her Lord and Master."  Abe says Hardwick had Prudence flogged and hanged.  Will Gore listens in on their conversation.  He hears Abe say that Hardwick will die tonight.

Ned has arrived in England and is now in the woods near Fanshawe.  Abe and Beth rob Ned of his horse.  Ned starts walking and Abe tells Beth to never come back to these woods. 

At night Abe and a group of men attack Hardwick's place, but they have walked into a trap.  Will Gore must have told Jeffreys about Abe's plan to kill Hardwick and Jeffreys and Hardwick set up a trap.  Abe loses a lot of his men. 

Ned reaches Angelica in the early morning.  He gives her the ring belonging to Willam Goffe. Ned tells her that William is now dead, hunted down by agents of Charles Stuart II in Massachusetts. He also says that Edward Randolph will tell the King that Angelica sent money to a regicide.

Boston, Massachusetts.  Hope Russell sits talking with her dying father.  He tells her to stay in Boston, because in Hadley it's not safe for her.  He also makes her promise to take her advice from his friend John Hawkins.

John Hawkins sets up Hope to be wed to recent widower Henry Cresswell, who has two children.  At first, Hope says no to the idea, but Hawkins keeps working on her.  He says Gods wants her to marry Henry Cresswell. 

Ned talks to Beth about being held-up by a common highway man.  Their conversation is interrupted by a Pope burning.  In the procession, they also have a mask of John Francis.  A man wearing the costume of the devil says they must burn John Francis.  John Francis is going to do something about this, but Will Gore stops him, saying that it's a trap set for John Francis.  "They provoke you to deny the Popish plot."  John Francis, however, confronts the revelers saying:  "There was no Catholic plot to kill the King."  Abe rides in to stop the confrontation, but he looks too long at Beth, and Hardwick shoots him.  Abe takes off. 

Ned and Beth go looking for Abe.  They find him.  Abe tells Ned to take Beth back with him to Massachusetts.  John Francis tells Angelica to also flee to Massachusetts.  Soldiers arrive at Fanshawe and they take John Francis away. 

Will Gore visits John Francis in his jail cell.  Judge Jeffreys shows up and tells Will that his father has been hanged.  He adds:  "I ran out of patience with you, go and weep for him."  John Francis gives Will a good hug before Will leaves. 

Oxford.  Two groups are trying to out shout each other.  One supports Charles II and the other supports Monmouth. 

Abe asks Ned where is Beth now?  Ned answers that she's petitioning Monmouth for her father's release.  Abe declares that Monmouth cannot help Beth.  Ned has a question for Abe:  "Why has the King brought the Parliament to Oxford?"  Abe answers:  "To frighten his enemies into submission away from the London mob."  The King wants to thwart Monmouth's ambition to be king. 

Jeffreys tells John Francis that 59 men signed the death warrant of King Charles I.  In the background John Francis hears the cries of a man being tortured.  Jeffreys says that in the end, they all break. 

Beth and Angelica visit John Francis in his cell.  He urges his wife to go with Beth to Massachusetts. 

Abe is going to try to kidnap the King, but the King in his coach takes a different route. 

Abe is wounded and still tries to shoot the King taking a dip in the river. He is so weak that he shot goes wild.  Abe collapses.  Beth and Ned now lift up Abe.  Hardwick looks up from the river and sees the three young people.  He says he knows where to find them. 

At Fanshawe, Angelica cauterizes Abe's wound.  She then sends the trio out a secret passage way to the woods, but Beth decides to stay with her mother. They are arrested. 

John Francis wants to commit suicide, but Will says John Francis' soul will be damned.  John Francis gets Will Gore to promise him that Angelica will never suffer.  And now Will kills John Francis with a broken bottle. 

At the hearing, Angelica says she pleads not guilty. That really anger Jeffreys.  Angelica says she will cooperate with Jeffreys, if the man lets Beth go to the New World. 

Christ Church, Oxford.  Shaftsbury says they can't trust King Charles II.  This angers Charles so much, that he walks out of the meeting. 

The punishment of Angelica is to be burned at the stake.  Beth, in a cage, has to watch the punishment, but Beth is syudlenly taken ti her ship for the New World and about the last minute.  Angelica gives a speech about how the King has now become a tyrant and he should be brought down.  The wood sticks are lit, but before the flames start to reach Angelica, Will Gore shoots Angelica in the heart and she dies.  Will now jumps for off the roof to his death in the courtyard below. 

Charles defies Parliament and remains king. 



Episode III.

"Beth's life in the New World begins inauspiciously, and Ned makes a distressing discovery upon returning to America.  Abe joins forces with Col. Algernon Sidney in England and embarks on a dangerous mission."

Massachusetts, New England.  A mighty storm destroys Beth's ship off the coast of Massachusetts.  She appears to be the only survivor from the shipwreck.  She sits on the beach watching for any other survivors.  An Indian brave sees her and he walks down to the beach.  Beth gets scared and starts running away from him.  She hides in the woods, but she's quickly found by the brave. 

The brave takes Beth to his village, where her blonde hair attracts a lot of attention.  She asks:  "Dear God.  When will You have done with me?"

Whitehall Palace, London.  Back from Massachusetts, Edward Randolph reports to the King, who wants to know about his "loyal" subjects who harbored Goffe for twenty years.  Randolph say his subjects swear an oath of allegiance to Massachusetts rather than to the King of England.  Just outside the closed doors are Hardwick and Jeffreys. Jeffreys says that Shaftsbury has been thrown in the Tower of London, but Monmouth was forgiven once again. 

The King now asks Randolph, who dares buy and sell his own sovereign territory in the New World?  Men like John Hawkins of the Hawkins Bay Company.  He buys land from the Indians and then rents or sells the land to colonists.  This makes the King mad and he is going to have Massachusetts examined closely.

Now the King listens to Hardwick and Jeffreys.  It's in the interest of the King to give the Fanshawe land to Hardwick, because the clay pits will be expanded and that would increase the output of bricks to build his new palace at Winchester.  The King says Hardwick can have the Fanshawe mansion too if Hardwick would bring Abe Goffe to  him.

Wightham Woods, Oxfordshire.  Abe and his men are running through the woods.  They are being chased by Hardwick's men and dogs.  Abe splits his group in two parts.  One part runs toward Fanshawe, but there awaiting them are Hardwick and some more of his men.  Hardwick and his men wait in a low point of the land and then jump up when Abe's men reach the low point.   Hardwick instructs the men to throw down their weapons.  When the men do so, Hardwick orders his men to fire.  Abe's men are quickly killed. 

Abe and two other men are still running from the hounds.  One of Abe's men steps into a bear trap and cannot be extricated quickly.  The trapped man tells Abe and the other man to run away, but first kill him so as not to leave him with the "butchers".  Abe kills the fellow with a shot to the heart.  Abe arrives at Fanshawe just in time to see Hardwick shoot one of Abe's men who was saw still alive. 

Abe and Ned are the only two left from Abe' gang.  Ned tells Abe to come to Boston with him and help him spread the word of rebellion.  Abe says, but England is his home.  Abe thinks that Beth is dead from the shipwreck.  He tells Ned to go home and marry Hope Russell. 

Beth is still with the Indian village.  She looks sad.  Her captor says she looks beautiful.  Beth cries. 

Abe sneaks up on someone in the Fanshawe house.  He discovers the girl known as Agnes.  Abe asks her why is she wearing Beth's dress?  Agnes says she always dreamed of wearing this gown.  Later Agnes fixes Abe some dinner.  She is unhappy because soon they are to work in Hardwick's new clay pits. 

Beth's captor says that one day he will reunite his scattered people.  He tells her:  "That is why the Great Spirit sent you to me."  He puts a necklace around her neck.  Later Beth and her captor, Masca, hug and kiss.  

Henry Creswell house.  John Hawkins is sending Henry into Indian territory to get more land.  John tells him:  "Make a success of this Henry and you're a made man."  Later Hope comes in and tells her husband that it's foolhardy to give rum to the Indians.  She adds that she heard that Hawkins took this land on the Wawasee by force.   Hope warns Henry that he could be walking into a whole lot of trouble.  Finally, Henry tells Hope to be quiet and go to bed. 

Abe tells Agnes that he is going to London to seek out Algernon Sydney.  He fought with his father at Marston Moor.  Sydney will be the best man to bring down the Stuarts. 

Sydney meets with some conspirators, who tell him that London is ready to rise up and Argyll stands ready in Scotland.  "All is in place."  Now Abe comes in and talks with Sydney and the others.  Sydney says that Abe is the son of their comrade William Goffe.  Abe doesn't want a king at all for England, but Sydney's sides explains that the people need a figurehead.  Nevertheless, Monmouth would be given his crown by Parliament, and not by God.  Abe is given the task of killing King Charles II at the Rye House on the road from Newmarket to London. Then a messenger tells the conspirators that there was a fire in Newmarket, so the King left a day early and is safe at Whitehall:  "Our plot is discovered, Essex and Russell arrested."  The conspirators now scatter. 

Ned pays a visit to his father John.  The first thing need asks is about Hope Russell.  Dad says Hope married Henry Cresswell. And now Ned learns that his father never mailed his letter to Hope.  Ned is disgusted with him, and leaves immediately. 

Ned goes to see Hope.  He tells her that he sent her a letter.  They hug each other. 

Randolph tells John Hawkins and his cronies that the King is out of patience with Massachusetts.  He is disgusted that the colonial leaders have carved up the colony in their own interests.  John defends himself and his fellows, but Randolph sees right through their schemes. He tells the men that he wants to see every land title possessed by each and every man in the room. 

Beth and Masca are out in the woods and Beth plays hide and seek with them.  Their play is interrupted by the noises made by the white surveyors on Indian land.  Beth and Masca watch them.  At night, Beth tells Masca that the white men are marking the land and that means that they plan to settle on this land.  They might want to build a village along the river.  Beth assures Masca that she will stay with him and not the whites.  They kiss.

The whites talk with Masca at his village.  They tell Masca that the Indians will not tell the white men where they can built their settlements.  One of the white men goes into Masca's tent where Beth is and he sees the white girl inside.  Masca runs into his tent and puts a knife to the throat of the interloper.  The other white men say it was a mistake and they will leave the Indian land now. 

The white surveyors now go and tell John Hawkins what happened.  Henry Creswell mentions that they saw a white woman in the camp.  A man named Stackpole gets fired for not being sober enough to tell if there really was a white woman in the Indian camp.  Now Hawkins is going to send armed men to the village and this time they will bring the white woman back.   On Henry's way out he runs into Mrs. Hawkins who tells Henry that there have been nasty rumors about Henry's wife and her stepson. 

Hope and Ned are in bed together reading a letter from Abe Goffe.  Henry with his rifle at the ready smashes the front door open, threatening to shoot Ned.  Hope stands in front of Ned to protect him.  Hope says she'll come home with Henry. 

Abe lives with Sydney now.  He says to Sydney that the King is going to kill one after another republican until there are no republicans left.  Russell was executed and Essex was murdered in the Tower.  And now Howard is arrested too.  Abe says he will gladly be killed  in order to kill the King and his brother.  Sydney rejects the idea.  As they talk, the King's men come to arrest Sydney and Abe.  They kill a couple of the King's men, but are overpowered by the remaining men. 

Henry makes Hope promise him to mention none of this to his children, because they have a fondness for Hope.  He told her that he could have the two adulterers hanged.

Ned's father reads the riot act to him.  He demands that his son stay away from Hope Cresswell. 

Cresswell is leaving home to go the Indian village.  Beth is very pregnant now. 

Ned is about to discover the crooked dealings of his father and his cronies, as now he works in the offices of his father.  He goes to see Stackpole to ask him about that land up along the Wawasee. Ned says he can't find a single piece of paper telling how they got hold of the Indian land in the first place.  Stackpole says they got the land in the usual way.  Ned has lots more questions for Stackpole, so the man tells Ned to buy him some more ale and he'll tells Ned quite a few tales about the land business. 

Dad comes to the office to check on his son.  He sees that Ned has found some papers dealing with the Indian land transactions.  Dad admits to manipulating the Indians and the laws of the King, but justifies it in the name of God, who wanst the whites to establish civilization in the New World.  The Indians, he says are nothing but heathens on the land.  Ned says that William Goffe called his father a land pirate and that's exactly what John Hawkins is. 

Cresswell returns to the Indian village to force Masca to sign a land grant to the whites.  The whites hold the Indian women as hostages.  Masca tells them to bring the women back. Cresswell has the women brought back.  Now Masca signs the land grant, by drawing a picture of bird.  The whites try to take Beth with the, but she won't go with them.  So Cresswell decides to leave the white woman behind. 

The Indian village is now being plagued by the white man's diseases.  Even Masca is getting sick.  He watches in disgust as the white men start building a settlement not far from the Indian village. 

Beth is nursing the sick, including Masca. Masca feels like he's going to die.  He has Beth promise him that in time his son will lead his people.  Masca dies. Most of the Indians die.  Beth paints her face black. 

Ned and Stackpole come to the village.  Stackpole finds out that the whites got the blankets for the Indians from the sick whites in their dispensary.  The blankets then made the Indians sick.  Ned asks where Cresswell is, and Stackpole says he's down river.  They go down river to talk with Cresswell. 

Ned will talk in private with Cresswell.  As they talk, Beth, with an arrow, rushes out from the woods behind Cresswell and drives the arrow into the man's throat.  She keeps pushing the arrowhead farther into the man's throat.  Cresswelll dies. 


Episode IV.

"Ned and Hope reunite and try to hide Beth away from Boston.  Abe escapes from his Oxford jail cell and embraces a new path for his revolutionary zeal. With the death of Charles II, new futures open up for both couples."

Ned comes to Hope's house.  He tells her that Henry is dead.  Then he brings Beth to the door, saying:  "And we need your help." 

Jeffreys tells King Charles II and his brother that the traitor Sydney awaits trial in the Tower.  Abe Goffe is being tortured, but he has not yet been broken.

Agnes comes to Abe's jail cell in the Tower.  He is not conscious and Agnes says that from the first time she saw Abe, she fell in love with him.  She awakens him and has him drink a potion that will take away his pain.  She makes him drink the entire concoction. That knocks him out cold in a very short time. 

Abe's body is dropped of at a place of dead bodies. At night Agnes and her grandfather come looking for Abe.  She finds him. 

In the morning, Jeffreys comes with some men looking for Abe's body.  The men can't find the body and they say the grave robbers must have taken the body.

Agnes is about to give up on Abe ever awakening, but then Abe's eyes open. 

Boston, Massachusetts.  Beth awakens.  The Indian woman working for Hope wipes Beth down and finds a tattoo of the bird used as Masca's sign.  Hope sees it too.  She tells Beth that she will help her. 

John Hawkins says that everybody is going to think that Ned killed Henry Cresswell, so he could have Henry's wife.  He says he will be paying blackmail money to Stackpole for the rest of his life. 

John Hawkins offers some share in the profits of the Hawkins Bay Company to Randolph.  Later John and his son argue about the company.  Ned doesn't like the company acting as a land pirate.  John really does believe that he is doing God's work.  He says that Beth is a danger to the company and to the independence of the colony.  He tells Ned that he must take Beth and go somewhere outside of Boston where she can have her baby.  Beth knows too much and John wants to keep her away from Edward Randolph.  John has a heart attack and he tells his son to promise him to keep Beth away from Randolph.  Ned promises his father.  John dies.

Ned takes Beth out and away from Boston.  She tells Ned:  "A town cannot be build on the graves of innocents."  She wants Ned to return the land grant to Masca's people. 

Ned  speaks to the share holders in the company.  He frightens them when he says the company will be used to promote the development of Massachusetts into a republic.  They say Ned will ruin them all.  One man says they should be working with Randolph, not provoking him.  Hope tells Ned in private that they are the past and we are the future.  She gives him a kiss saying that he's doing the right thing. 

In England, Abe daydreams of Beth.  Beth in Massachusetts dreams of her promise to Masca that she would make sure their son, who was just recently born, would become the leader of his people.  The female Indian servant suggests that Beth name the boy Kisos, Child of the Rising Sun, for the child was born at first light. 

Fanshawe House, Oxfordshire.  Agnes and her father have to work for Hardwick now, and they do not like it.  In the papers it says that Major Wildman has been imprisoned and Monmouth has been exiled to the Netherlands.  Col. Sydney is on trial for his life.  Abe decides to go to London.  Agnes tells him not to go because they will kill him there.  Abe dismisses the very idea, saying that they already think that Abe Goeff is dead. 

Abe sits in the courtroom.  The law required two witnesses against the accused and the court doesn't  have two witnesses for the Sydney case.  So they take the notes from a future book that Sydney has been writing, as the second witness.  They quote damning sentences against Sydney in the future book. 

The court finds Sydney guilty.  Sydney will have his head cut-off.  In court he says:  "You have maliciously persecuted me and made a mockery of the law of England.  The tyrant may kill me as he pleases, but I will choose the manner in which I meet my death.  I will die like a true republican."  

Sydney has his head cut off. 

Beth, with the baby and the Indian servant Nolka, come across young boys practicing how to kill an Indian.  The servant tells Beth:  "Massachusetts law; all boys must learn to kill Indians."  Beth gets so mad that she balls out the boys and men.  A boy grabs a musket and takes a shot at the now fleeing women and baby, but the shot misses them.  Back in the cabin, the servant says she will go fetch help for Beth and the baby.

Ned and Hope return to Beth at the cabin.  Beth gets into an argument with Ned and Hope about what to do about the Indian problem.  She mentions that Abe Goffe would have championed the weakest people.  Now Hope says that Abe Goffe is dead.  He died in Oxford Gaol after another failed attempt to kill the King.  Just then Nolka arrives with a group of Indians.  Nolka says they will take the baby beyond where the white man can reach him.  Beth says she will not give up her baby boy.  A brief scuffle ends when one of the whites shoots an Indian brave. Now Beth says she will give the child up to the Indians.  Beth wants to go with them, but Nolka forbids Beth from coming with them.  The Indians leave. 

A father comes to get some help from Abe.  In the clay pits, his son has a bad leg injury and he wants Abe to safe him.  Abe goes even though he risks being discovered and caught. 

Abe snuck Sydney's last words out from the jail. He reads them to people around a camp fire.  The King knows about it, and his brother wants the King to make Boston bend the knee to English rule.

The King's agents search the printing press in Boston.  News arrives that King Charles II is dead, and the Duke of Monmouth has raised an army in Holland, ready to invade England.  Beth comes to the print shop and says she's heading back to England.  She says goodbye to Ned and gets on a ship. 

Wightham Woods, Oxfordshire.  Agnes's grandfather digs up his old breast plate and  sword.  He's preparing to join the Monmouth rebellion.  Abe says there will be no rebellion.  Grandfather says that Abe should be leading the rebellion. 

King James II wants Jeffreys to spread fear throughout the realm.  Hardwick is upset that King James II has stopped the work on Winchester palace, as he has already supplied 50,000 bricks and he hasn't been paid. 

Harwick goes out to the clay pits and tells the workers that the clay pits are now closed.  The workers now kill Hardwick. 

Agnes joins her grandfather in his support of the rebellion.  She brings an axe with her. 

Ned and Hope work together to spread the uprising.  Some loyalists arrive and they open fire on the meeting house of the rebels. 

In England there is a rebellion going on.  A battle is being fought.  Following the battle, Abe walks through the dead on the battlefield.  He says:  "I'm looking for an old man  from Oxfordshire.  He had his granddaughter with him."  Abe is now playing the role of the healer.  A man he is helping tells Abe to try the Bristol Docks.

Beth is now in England at the Bristol Docks.  She sees a wounded man and asks what happened in the battle.  The man says Monmouth ran away and:  "The old Cause is dead and gone."

Beth takes a coach ride.  She gets out on the road where Adam and his daughter has been hanged.  She then recognizes Abe who is grieving over their deaths.  Beth comes up to him and says Abe's name.  They are reunited.

"The crushing of Monmouth's rebels in 1685 at the Battle of Sedgemoor marked the last attempt in England to realize radical dreams by armed revolt.  The subsequent retribution of King James and Judge Jeffreys was merciless:  Hundreds of men and women were hanged, hundreds more transported to the West Indies.  The King annulled Massachusetts's charter and absorbed the colony into the Dominion of New England. Local uprisings were brutally suppressed.  Not until 1776 did America throw off the English yoke.  Algernon Sidney's writings gave inspiration to the revolution. His words - 'This hand, enemy to tyrants, seeks by the sword quiet Peace under Liberty', form the state motto of Massachusetts to this day.  By 1700, the remaining Indians in Massachusetts were completely subjugated by the English colonists."


Early American attempt at getting more independence from England.  It is set in the times of King Charles I, the Cromwell era, the times of King Charles II and the era of King James II (who was Charles II's brother).   Two heroes, William Goeff and Algernon Syndey, are emphasized as two English fighters for freedom in England and  in the New World.  These two men fought for freedom while the English kings fought their hardest to stay in power.  The American colonies didn't get their freedom until 1776, but the overweening power of the English kings was curbed somewhat as early as the Glorious Rebellion of 1688.  In part, the movie is about the intellectual history of the forward progression of the ideas of freedom in a democracy and the curving of the powers of the kings and queens.   I was glad to find this movie because it covers a critical piece of history in England and in the future USA.  The story part is fictional, but historical background in mostly true.  The story part is entertaining. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 



Historical Background:

 1649 (January 30)  --  Charles I is executed at Whitehall at the climax of the English Civil War.  William Goffe signed the death warrant.

1649 (February 5)  --  the Parliament of Scotland proclaimed Charles II King.

 1649  --  English Interregnum or the English Commonwealth, and the country was a de facto republic, led by Oliver Cromwell, who becomes virtual dictator of England, Scotland and Ireland.  Charles spent the next nine years in exile in France, the Dutch Republic, and the Spanish Netherlands.

1658  --   death of Cromwell.

1660  --   on 29 May 1660, his 30th birthday, Charles II is received in London to public acclaim.  With his father-in-law and fellow-regicide Edward Whalley, Goffe fled to New England at the Restoration and hid in the frontier town of Hadley, Massachusetts.

1675-1678  --  King Philip's War (the First Indian War, Metacom's War, Metacomet's War, or Metacom's Rebellion) was an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants of present-day New England and English colonists and their Native American allies. The war is named for the main leader of the Native American side, Metacomet, who had adopted the English name "King Philip" in honor of the previously-friendly relations between his father and the original Mayflower Pilgrims.

1675  --  Goffe entered colonial folklore as the "Angel of Hadley", reportedly emerging from the forest to lead the settlers in repelling an attack by hostile redskins.

1679  --  death of William Goffe. (There's no evidence that he committed suicide.)

1680  --   Robert Filmer's Patriarcha, a defense of divine right monarchy, first published. 

1681  --  Charles II dissolved the English Parliament.

1683  --   birth of the pro-exclusion Whig and anti-exclusion Tory parties. Charles II sided with the Tories.  The Rye House Plot is hatched to  murder Charles and James.  Protestant politicians such as Arthur Capell, 1st Earl of Essex, Algernon Sydney, Lord William Russell and the Duke of Monmouth were implicated in the plot. Lord Essex slit his own throat while imprisoned in the Tower of London; Sydney and Russell were both beheaded for high treason on very flimsy evidence; and the Duke of Monmouth went into exile at the court of William of Orange. Lord Danby and the surviving Catholic lords held in the Tower were released and the King's Catholic brother, James, acquired greater influence at court.   Algernon Sydney's notes on Discourses Concerning Government were used as the second witness against him.   John Locke fled to the Netherlands.

1685  -- death of Charles II.  James II is the new King. 

1688  --  the Glorious Revolution gets rid of  James II.   It was led by William of Orange. 

1689  --  William of Orange becomes King William III.

1693  --  Algernon Sydney's  Discourses Concerning Government (a response to Robert Filmer's Patriarcha) is published outlining what he believed constituted a valid civil government.  Sydney believed that individuals have the right to choose their own form of government and that, if that government became corrupt, the people retained the power to abolish it and form another.  The works of Algernon Sydney, along with those of contemporary John Locke, are considered a cornerstone of western thought.


Sources:  Wikipedia and  William Goffe, d.c 1680,



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