A Night to Remember (1958)




Director:    Roy (Ward) Baker.

Starring:    Kenneth More (Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller), Ronald Allen (Mr. Clarke), Robert Ayres (Maj. Arthur Peuchen, Honor Blackman (Mrs. Liz Lucas, Anthony Bushell (Capt. Arthur Rostron - Carpathia, John Cairney (Mr. Murphy), Jill Dixon (Mrs. Clarke), Jane Downs (Mrs. Sylvia Lightoller), James Dyrenforth (Col. Archibald Gracie), Michael Goodliffe (Thomas Andrews), Kenneth Griffith (Wireless Operator John 'Jack' Phillips), Harriette Johns (Lady Richard), Frank Lawton (Chairman J. Bruce Ismay), Richard Leech (First Officer William Murdoch), David McCallum (Assistant Wireless Operator Harold Bride).

Country:     British film

A more realistic Titanic, with death dealt out unequally by one's social class status.



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