No Greater Love (2005)



Director:     Idea Images Entertainment. 

Starring:     Michael Scranton (Jack, the American journalist)

a 16 minute short film about the Hungarian refugees following the Hungarian Revolution 


Spoiler Warning:  below is an entire summary of the film. 

In October 1956, the Hungarian people revolted against Soviet occupation. After two weeks of intense fighting, Russian forces seized the last strongholds of the revolutionaries.

Refusing to succumb to Soviet tyranny, thousands of Hungarians fled their homeland.

An American journalist named Jack takes some notes. Andau, Austria November 1956, nine kilometers from the Austrian/Hungarian border. Itís very cold weather.

His wife wrote him a letter saying itís hard since heís been gone. And she knows they left things off poorly. She didnít even know he was gone. She would like things back to the way they were at an earlier time. She knows his stories are important to him, but is any story worth sacrificing your family and your marriage? Get the story and come home. Love, Sarah.

Jack visits the church where there are refugees. With a translator he asks questions of the recently arrived refugees from Hungary.

A new set of refugees are at the river bank looking for the bridge over the river. The father starts taking the family members over the river one by one. The river is only partially frozen and the father has to walk on the river bottom to get across. Jack watches this bit of heroism and is moved to think of the saying about no greater love hath man than thisĖ that he lay down his life for his friends. Jack ends up having to carry the big man on his shoulders to get him to the refugee center.

Jack returns home to his wife and children.

Between November 1956 and January 1957, more than 200,000 Hungarian refugees, among them doctors, lawyers and elite athletes, successfully crossed the border into Austria. Those who remained behind, freedom finally came as Hungary gained her independence thirty-four years late in 1991.


Wow. A sixteen minute long film. You just get started and itís over. The film had its debut at the 2005 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and won the $10,000 award for Best of Festival.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


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