Norma Jean and Marilyn (1996)




Director:    Tim Fywell.

Starring:    Ashley Judd (Norma Jean Dougherty), Mira Sorvino (Marilyn Monroe), Josh Charles (Eddie Jordan), Ron Rifkin (Johnny Hyde), David Dukes (Arthur Miller), Peter Dobson (Joe DiMaggio), Taylor Nichols (Fred Karger), John Rubinstein (Darryl Zanuck), Allan Corduner (Billy Wilder), Dana Goldstone (Lee Strasberg), Micole Mercurio (Mozelle Hyde), Lindsay Crouse (Natasha Lytess), John Apicella (Milton Krasner), Robert Alan Beuth (Commissary Photographer), Frank Birney (Preacher).

One might think that a woman as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe would have the confidence to do anything she wished.  But the woman inside Marilyn was Norma Jean, victim of a terrible childhood.  A woman with a big hole in her soul, she was somewhat ambiguous about fame, both wanting it and fearing it.



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