October Sky (1999)



Director:    Joe Johnston.

Starring:     Jake Gyllenhaal (Homer Hickam), Chris Cooper (John Hickam), Laura Dern (Miss Riley), Chris Owen (Quentin), William Lee Scott (Roy Lee), Chad Lindberg (O'Dell), Natalie Canerday (Elsie Hickam), Scott Miles (Jim Hickam), Randy Stripling (Leon Bolden), Chris Ellis (Principal Turner), Elya Baskin (Ike Bykovsky), Courtney Cole-Fendley (Dorothy Platt), David Dwyer (Jake Mosby), Terry Loughlin (Mr. Dantzler), Kaili Hollister (Valentine Carmina).

Young Homer Hickam lives in mining town Coalwood, West Virginia, where he is expected to follow his father's footsteps into the mines.  He sees a way out with the launching of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in October 1957.  Homer begins to build and then launch more and more sophisticated homemade rockets.  Though he and his friends have many spectacular faillures, their determination and their successful launches brings them the wonder and support of the whole town, eve if dad is not so certain.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.











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