The Trials of Oscar Wilde (1960)




Director:      Ken Hughes.

Starring:      Peter Finch (Oscar Wilde), Yvonne Mitchell (Constance Wilde), James Mason (Sir Edward Carson), Nigel Patrick (Sir Edward Clarke), Lionel Jeffries (John Sholto Douglas, Marquis of Queensberry), John Fraser (Lord Alfred Douglas), Sonia Dresdel (Lady Wilde), Maxine Audley (Ada Leverson), James Booth (Alfred Wood), Emrys Jones (Robbie Ross), Lloyd Lamble (Charles Humphries), Paul Rogers (Frank Harris), Ian Fleming (Arthur, the Wilde Butler), Laurence Naismith (Prince of Wales), Naomi Chance (Lily Langtry).

Country: British

Oscar Wilde (Peter Finch), the famous English writer, files a libel suit against the Marquis of Queensberry with some unpredicted consequences.



Historical Background:


See "Oscar Wilde" 1960 for the Historical Background.


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