L' Autre cote de la mer (The Other Shore) (1997)




Director:     Dominique Cabrera. 

Starring:     Claude Brasseur (Georges Montero), Roschdy Zem (Tarek Timzert), Catherine Hiegel (Maria), Marthe Villalonga (Marinette), Slimane Bena´ssa (Boualem), Antoinette Moya (Claudine), Fattouma Ousliha Bouamari (Setti), Ariane Ascaride (Lulu).

a pied noir (Frenchman born & raised in N. Africa) visits France but will go back to Algeria even though the fight for that country's independence heats up



Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film. 

A number of people are at the airport. A man gets off a flight and looks around the airport.

He is taken to a restaurant and there is brought into a home in the back of the restaurant.  An older woman there is surprised and happy to see him.  She hugs him. 









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