Tamerlane the Great (1991) Timur or Tamerlane founded the 14th century Timurid Dynasty in central Asia (including Iran and Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India)


Jinnah (1998) -- Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan

Earth (1998)  --  love story set against religious violence following Indian independence in 1947

Train to Pakistan (1998)  --  ethnic violence between Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs in Punjab after British left in 1947

Hey! Ram (2000) bloody civil war between Hindus and Muslims that ultimately led to the neo-Islamic state of Pakistan

Last Day of the Raj (2007)  --  dealing with the division of India into Pakistan and India

Matir moina (The Clay Bird) (2002) set in 1971, India intervenes on the side of the Bangladeshis against Pakistan, whose forces surrendered and Bangla Desh ("Country of Bangla") was established



My Son the Fanatic (1997)  --  Pakistani taxi-driver caught between British culture and Islamic fundamentalism


X  Untitled Benazir Bhutto Biopic (2009) first woman elected to lead a Muslim state; Prime Minister of Pakistan (19881990; 19931996); assassinated


The Road to Guantanamo (2006)  --  three Pakistani-British citizens in Afghanistan are tortured by American soldiers

Khuda Ke Liye (meaning "In the Name of God") (2007)  --  a Pakistani student in the USA gets arrested following 9/11 hysteria


A Mighty Heart (2007)  --  death of journalist for the Wall Street Journal at the hands of a terrorist group in Pakistan