Royal Hunt of the Sun (1969)  --  Francisco Pizarro and the conquest of Peru

Aguirre, the Wrath of God  (1972)  -- a lost 1540s expedition from Peru to the Amazon



La boca del lobo (The Jaws of the Wolf) (1988)    --  in an isolated village, Peruvian soldiers surrounded by terrorists  ($50)

Días de Santiago (2004)  --  ex-Peruvian war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder can't get his life together

Ojos Que No Ven (2003)  --  troubles under Japanese-Peruvian President Fujimoro of Peru

La Teta Asustada (The Milk of Sorrow) (2009)  --  times of the war against terrorism leads to violation of human rights, which has a profound impact on a young Peruvian woman

Paloma de papel  (literally Paper Dove)(2003)  --  effect of civil war between Shining Path and Peruvian villagers

Lima: Breaking the Silence (1998)  --  terrorist assault in Lima, Peru, 1996

Doble Juego (Con Game) (2004)  --  set in days of collapse under President Fujimoro of Peru