Philadelphia (1993)




Director:    Jonathan Demme.

Starring:     Tom Hanks (Andrew Beckett), Denzel Washington (Joe Miller), Roberta Maxwell (Judge Tate), Buzz Kilman (Crutches), Karen Finley (Dr. Gillman), Daniel Chapman (Clinic Storyteller), Mark Sorensen Jr. (Clinic Patient), Jeffrey Williamson (Tyrone), Charles Glenn (Kenneth Killcoyne), Ron Vawter (Bob Seidman), Anna Deavere Smith (Anthea Burton), Stephanie Roth Haberle (Rachel Smilow), Lisa Talerico (Shelby), Joanne Woodward (Sarah Beckett), Jason Robards (Charles Wheeler).

Tom Hanks plays a Philadelphia lawyer who has to keep both his homosexuality and the fact that he has AIDS from his conservative bosses. When the firm does learn of the disease, he is suddenly terminated. Hanks sues his employer in court and is represented by Denzel Washington, who also is somewhat homophobic.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.










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