The Pianist (2002)





Director:     Roman Polanski.

Starring:     Adrien Brody (Wladyslaw Szpilman), Emilia Fox (Dorota), Michal Zebrowski (Jurek), Ed Stoppard (Henryk), Maureen Lipman (Mother), Frank Finlay (Father), Jessica Kate Meyer (Halina), Julia Rayner (Regina), Wanja Mues (SS Slapping Father), Richard Ridings (Mr. Lipa), Nomi Sharron (Feather Woman), Anthony Milner (Man Waiting to Cross), Lucy Skeaping (Street Musician), Roddy Skeaping (Street Musician), Ben Harlan (Street Musician).

Oscars:       Adrien Brody won for Best Actor; Polanski for director.




This is a good film based on the autobiography of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a holocaust survivor's tale.  In painstaking detail it tells a story of survival.  This is truly and honest survivor's tale.  The pianist is a well-known young Polish Jewish man who is the artist type, not the soldier type.  How he survives is by acting pretty much like a rodent, by scurrying between hiding places in multiple spots.   He lives in constant fear of being caught.  He does help smuggle guns into the Warsaw ghetto, but he does not take part in the Jewish uprising itself. The movie gives you a small taste of just how terrible it must have been for the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.



Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 






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