Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco (1981)



Director:  Hector Babenco

Starring:  Fernando Ramos Da Silva (Pixote), Jorge Juliao (Lilica), Gilberto Moura (Dita), Edilson Lino (Chico), Zenildo Oliviera Santos (Fumaca)

 the life of a poor boy on the streets of San Paolo, Brazil


This movie is in the genre of poor street kid ends up in a tragic way, but is nevertheless powerful.  The favelas are the slums of Brazil.  Opposite of the US, the rich are around the center city while the poor often on the outskirts.  When the favela is located on the hill, the higher one walks up the hill the more dangerous and decrepit the neighborhood.  At the very top, the police will often not go at all because they feel for their own safety. 

Fernando Ramos Da Silva, who played Pixote, was a child of the streets before the movie and went back to the streets after the movie.  In 1987 he was killed by the police in a shootout. 

In spite of movies like this, the conservatives will always say poverty is the fault of the poor themselves, that they are just too lazy to work.  And the tragedies go on and on. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.








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