Pollock (2000)




Director:    Ed Harris.

Starring:    Ed Harris (Jackson Pollock), Marcia Gay Harden (Lee Krasner), Amy Madigan (Peggy Guggenheim), Jennifer Connelly (Ruth Kligman), Jeffrey Tambor (Clement Greenberg), Bud Cort (Howard Putzel), John Heard (Tony Smith), Val Kilmer (Willem de Kooning), Stephanie Seymour (Helen Frankenthaler).


Historical Background:


1941 -- Pollock, a struggling artist meets another artist, Lee Krasner, who becomes his main advocate and cheerleader.  They later marry.

1947  -- his outbreak into abstract painting occurs when they move out to that part of Long Island out of the City.

Art critic Clement Greenberg calls Pollock America's greatest living painter.  A profile in Life magazine gives him the recognition and even fame he always wanted, but it really is not enough.  He continues with his struggle against alcoholism falling ever deeper into the illness, while engaging in adulterous affairs.







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