Primary Colors (1998)



Director:    Mike Nichols.

Starring:    John Travolta (Jack Stanton), Emma Thompson (wife Susan Stanton), Kathy Bates (troubleshooter Libby Holden), Billy Bob Thornton (Richard Jemmons), Adrian Lester (manager Henry Burton), Maura Tierney (media adviser Daisy).

critical look at candidate Bill Clinton


Based on the controversial best-selling novel by Anonymous (reporter Joe Klein).  The movie is a portrait of Bill Clinton.  In those days Clinton was a man of prodigious appetites, for human contact, food, and sex and Klein was raising a flag of concern that his appetites might prove his undoing.  

Travolta plays the good-old-boy southern governor running for the presidency. Billy Bob Thornton plays the role of James Carville, Clinton's political adviser.









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