The Promise (2010)





Director:     Peter Kosminsky.

Starring:     Claire Foy (Erin Matthews), Christian Cooke (Len Matthews), Itay Tiran (Paul Meyer), Katharina Schüttler (Clara Rosenbaum), Haaz Sleiman (Omar Habash), Ali Suliman (Abu-Hassan Mohammed), Perdita Weeks (Eliza Meyer), Ben Miles (Max Meyer), Smadi Wolfman (Leah Meyer), Holly Aird (Chris Matthews), Hiam Abbass (Old Jawda), Lucas Gregorowicz (Captain Richard Rowntree), Luke Allen-Gale (Corporal Jackie Clough), Iain McKee (Sergeant Hugh Robbins), Paul Anderson (Sergeant Frank Nash), Max Deacon (Private Alec Hyman), Pip Torrens (Major John Arbuthnot), Ben Batt (Private Derek Toogood), Colin Harris (Private Raymond Atkinson).

TV mini-series.

a four-part drama about Londoner Erin who goes to visit her friend in Israel for the summer;  she finds her grandfather's old diary & learns disturbing truths about Palestine & the atrocities he witnessed



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