Quiz Show (1994)




Director:    Robert Redford

Starring:    John Turturro (Herbie Stempel), Rob Morrow (Dick Goodwin), Ralph Fiennes (Charles Van Doren), Paul Scofield (Mark Van Doren), David Paymer (Dan Enright), Hank Azaria (Albert Freedman), Christopher McDonald (Jack Barry), Johann Carlo (Toby Stempel), Elizabeth Wilson (Dorothy Van Doren), Allan Rich (Robert Kintner), Mira Sorvino (Sandra Goodwin), George Martin (Chairman), Paul Guilfoyle (Lishman), Griffin Dunne (Account Guy), Michael Mantell (Pennebaker).




This story is set in the 1950s and early 60's dealing with the Quiz Show fixes.  The $64,000 Question was one of these shows.  The rough-mannered Jewish Turturo goes along with the hoax, but the producers want a more "glamorous" winner, one of the right ethnic group and with polish.  They find him in Charles Van Doren (Fiennes) who sees a chance to shine in the eyes of his father, the poet Mark Van Doren.  But being thrown over for the pretty boy really starts to irk Turturo and he decides to spills the beans which brings down the TV Quiz house. Both Turturo and Fiennes are excellent.









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