The Day Reagan was Shot (2001)




Director:    Cyrus Nowrasteh.

Starring:     Richard Dreyfuss (Alexander Haig), Richard Crenna (Ronald Reagan), Yannick Bisson (Buddy Stein), Colm Feore (Caspar Weinberger), Michael Murphy (Michael Deaver), Kenneth Welsh (James Baker), Leon Pownall (Ed Meese), Robert Bockstael (Dick Allen), Beau Starr (Special Agent Cage), Alex Carter (Dr. Allard), Andrew Tarbet (Dr. Gregorio), Holland Taylor (Nancy Reagan), Christian Lloyd (John Hinckley), Sean McCann (Donald Regan), Jack Jessop (William Casey).

Docudrama about the chaos that ensued for Alexander Haig and other Cabinet members after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. 


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