Reed, México insurgente (1973)





Director:  Paul Leduc.

Starring:  Claudio Obregón (John Reed), Eduardo López Rojas (Gral. Thomas Urbina), Ernesto Gómez Cruz (Pablo Seanez), Juan Ángel Martínez (Julian Reyes), Carlos Castañón (Fidencio Soto), Víctor Fosado (Isidro Anaya), Lynn Tillet (Isabel), Hugo Velázquez (Longion Guereca), Heraclio Zepeda (Pancho Villa), Carlos Fernández del Real (Felipe Angeles), Max Kerlow (Antonio Swafeyta), Héctor García (Periodista), Luis Suárez (Periodiste), Francisco Laviella (Cura), Luis Jasso (Ministro).

A dramatization of the newspaper accounts of Socialist reporter John Reed and the Mexican Revolution.



Spoiler Warning:



Historical Background:

John Silas Reed

1887  -- birth of John Silas Reed, known as Jack in Portland, Oregon to a wealthy family.  Jack was never fond of Portland and wanted to go to bigger and better pllaces. 

1906  --  he attended Harvard University.  He was class orator and poet.

1910  --  he graduated.

He worked as a journalist for leftist magazines, including the New Review and The Masses.  He had a brief relationship with Mabel Dodge, the society hostess, who helped organized the 1913 Armory Show that brought Cubism to New York.  .

1913  --  Reed published his first book, SANGAR, a collection of poems.

He was definitely biased toward socialist thought and his reporting was sympathetic to workers on strike.  He covered the Paterson, New Jersey silk workers strike.  He was arrested for trying to speak for the workers in Paterson. He came to know many radicals of the day in Greenwich Village.  He wrote 'The Pageant of the Paterson Strike', which was enacted at Madison Square Garden, as a benefit to aid the workers.

early l910s  -- he spent four months with Pancho Villa and his troops while they fought for the success of the Mexican Revolution.  

1914  --  he published Insurgent Mexico.

He was very sympathetic to the leaders and fighters for the Mexican Revolution. 

World War I  --  Jack was in Europe covering the war.

1916  --  Jack published The War in Eastern Europe.

1917 (early)  --  he married feminist Louise Bryant.  He and his wife were also close friends of playwright Eugene O'Neil. 

1917  --  Jack heard about the possible Bolshevik Revolution and he and his wife went to Russia to be a part of the revolution and to report it.  From his experiences he later published Ten Days that Shook the 'World. 

Back in America he became involved in left wing politics.  He was a leading figure in the Socialist Party left wing and helped found the Communist Labor Party. 

1919  --  Reed returned to Russia as a delegate to the Comintern.  A civil war was raging in Russia between the whites and the reds. Jack tried to get out of Russia via Latvia, but the fighting around the area made it impossible.  He then went through Finland.  Reed was arrested for smuggling because he was carrying 102 diamonds and lots of cash.  He was imprisoned for three months..  Once released, he went back into Russia.  His wife then joined him. 

1920  --  Reed died of typhus in Moscow, Russia.  He became the only American buried in the Kremlin Wall in Red Square. 




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