The Right Stuff (1983)



Director:    Philip Kaufman.

Starring:     Sam Shepard (Chuck Yeager), Ed Harris (John Glenn), Dennis Quaid (Gordon Cooper), Fred Ward (Gus Grissom), Charles Frank (Scott Carpenter), Scott Glenn (Alan Shepard), Barbara Hershey (Glennis Yeager), Jeff Goldblum (Recruiter), Harry Shearer (Recruiter).
Based on the novel by Tom Wolfe.

Great movie of the lives of the seven astronauts of Project Mercury.  It starts with the hero of many of the astronauts, the 1950s army test pilots, Chuck Yeager, breaker of the sound barrier. The situation changed drastically when the Russians successfully send their Sputnik satellite into space.

The film catches the panic of the United States government at the news.  It quickly launched  its own space program, beginning with a search for the men with the right stuff (physical fitness, bravery, patience, ability to stay in confined spaces, etc.).  The astronauts their wives and family, and the program are examined in detail in preparation for the flight into space.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.








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