Les rois maudits (The Cursed Kings) (2005)




Director:  Jose Dayan.

Starring:  Jeanne Moreau (Mahaut d'Artois), Philippe Torreton (Robert d'Artois), Tchky Karyo (Philippe le Bel), Grard Depardieu (Jacques de Molay), Jrme Anger (Guillaume de Nogaret), Jean-Claude Brialy (Hugues de Bouville), Jean-Claude Drouot (Enguerrand de Marigny), Jacques Spiesser (Charles de Valois), Guillaume Depardieu (Louis X le Hutin), Julie Gayet (Isabelle de France, reine d'Angleterre), Julie Depardieu (Jeanne de Poitiers), Jeanne Balibar (Batrice d'Hirson), HlPne FilliPres (Marguerite de Bourgogne), Eric Ruf (Philippe de Poitiers), Anne Malraux (Blanche de Bourgogne).

Source:  based on the seven-volume novel of the same name by Maurice Druon.

This is the second television adaptation. 


early 1300s, King Philippe IV tries to plunder the Knights Templar and other organizations


King Philippe IV needs money.  His solution to this need is to get it from such organizations as the Knights Templar.  In the case of the Knights Templar, he misuses charges of treason, heresy and deviance to get the money.  The organization's Grand Master Jacques de Molay is tortured and confesses to the supposed wrongdoings.  Being burned at the stake, Molay puts a curse on the king, the king's advisor (Guillaume de Nogaret), Pope Clement V and the thirteen succeeding generations of their families.

The movie then follows the events of the next half century culminating in the 100 Years War.

Historical Background:


Capetian Dynasty 

1268  --  Philip was born at the Palace of Fontainebleau at Seine-et-Marne, the son of King Philip III and Isabella of Aragon.  

1270-1285  --  reign of King Philip III.

1284  --  the future Philip IV married queen Jeanne of Navare (1271-1305)  She brought to the marriage the areas of Champagne and Brie.

1285 -- Philip III died; succeeded by Philip IV, the Fair Philip IV modernized France by making it a bureaucratic kingdom. 

Philip IV had an expensive lifestyle which caused him to to always be on the look-out for sources of money. 

1294-1303  -- reign of Pope Boniface VIII.  He made Bertrand de Goth archbishop of Bordeaux.  Contemporaries said that Bertrand bound himself to King Philip IV. 

1302  -- defeat of French forces sent to put down a revolt in Flanders at the Battle of the Golden Spurs. 

1304  --  Philip personally defeated the Flemings at Mons-en-PvPle.

1305  --  Philip forced the Flemish to accept a harsh peace treaty.

1305-1314  --  reign of Pope Clement V.  His first act as Pope was to create nine French cardinals.  He acted as thought he a tool of King Philip IV. 

1307  --  the arrest of hundreds of members of the Knights Templar, a 200-year-old military order.  The charges, brought by the French King, were heresy, immorality and abuses.

1309  --  the papal court was transferred to Avignon, then an imperial fief of the King of Sicily. 

1309-1377  --  the period of the Avignon Papacy, the "Babylonian captivity."

1311  --  Clement V summoned the Council of Vienne.  But the Council did not conclude that the Knights Templar were guilty of heresy. The Pope abolished the order anyway.  Their estates were to go to the Knights Hospitallers, but Philip IV held the estates for himself.  Philip IV also expropriated the Templar's bank.

1308-1313  --  reign of Henry VII of the House of Luxembourg as King of the Romans.   

1312  --  Emperor Henry VII of the House of Luxembourg has himself crowned Holy Roman Emperor.   

1313  --  death of Emperor Henry VII.

1314  --  Philip IV had the last Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, burnt at the stake. According to legend, de Molay cursed both Philip and Clement V.  (Both King and Pope died within the same year.)

1314  -- death of Pope Clement V. 

1314  --  Philip IV died during a hunt; succeeded by his three sons, starting with Louis X..

1314-1316  --  reign of son Louis X.  His reign was short an uneventful. 

1315  --  Louis X accused his wife Marguerite de Bourgogne of adultery.  She was imprisoned.  She died in the chateau Gaillard.  In 1315 Louis X married Clemence d'Anjou, daughter of Charles Martel and sister of Charles I of Hungary. 

1316  -- death of Louis X.  Louis's son, the future Jean I, was not yet born.  Louis  was succeeded by his son who lived only five days.

1316-1322  --  reign of Philip V.

1322-1328  --  reign of Charles IV.

Valois Dynasty

1328 -- Charles IV dead; the crown passed to the related family of Valois with Philip VI

1328-1350  --  reign of Philip VI.

1337 --  Edward III of England, claiming French crown, assumes title of the King of France.

1337-1453  --  the Hundred Years' War with England.. 




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