Romper Stomper (1993) 



Director:  Geoffrey Wright

Starring:  Russell Crowe (Hando),  Daniel Pollock (Davey),  Jacqueline McKenzie (Gabe), Alex Scott (Martin),  Leigh Russell (Sonny Jim),  Daniel Wyllie (Cackles),  James McKenna (Bubs),  Eric Mueck (Champ),  Frank Magree (Brett), Christopher McLean (Luke),  Josephine Keen (Megan),  Samantha Bladon (Tracy),  Tony Lee (Tiger),  John Brumpton (Magoo),  Don Bridges (Harold)

Nazi skinheads in Melbourne take out their anger on local Vietnamese



Good movie.  Good because it is so disgusting.  The skinheads make the viewer very mad with their prejudice, love of Hitler and their acts of racial violence.  Their target in Footscray Station, Melbourne, Australia, is the Vietnamese immigrants.  The Skinheads feel that it's not their country any more and they need to start a Fourth Reich to rid Australia of the "gooks" and other foreigners. 

The story follows a mixed-up victim of incest, Gabe (Jacqueline McKenzier), in her struggle with self-destruction.  Her rebellion from authority attracts her to the Skinheads and she quickly becomes the girl friend of a real psychopath, Hando (Russell Crowe).   Hando is too disturbed and sadistic to sustain a relationship with Gabe and he soon drives her away by his disgusting ways.  Hando's best friend, Davey (Daniel Pollock), starts to take an interest in her and we soon have a triangular relationship between Gabe, Hando and Davey. 

Seeking punishment of these racist bastards, keeps one's interest in their final denouement.  It's only a matter of time before Skinheads self-destruct.  Many of them are probably mentally ill or at least seriously mentally "challenged".  But will the leader Hando take the others down with him?  (Personally, I was rooting for the destruction of all of them.  I had no sympathy for any of the characters, except their victims.)

Russell Crowe is just deliciously disgusting as Hando.  (I couldn't wait to see what would be his final fate even though I was sure it was going to be something deliciously bad.)

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


Historical Background:


The story is imaginary, but there are definitely Skinheads in Australia, but recently their number has only been around 300-400.  The neo-Nazi groups in Australia include the Australian Nationalist Movement, Australian National Action, and the Australian National Socialist Movement (all of which have attracted at least some Skinhead recruitment). 

Two recent Skinhead groups:

1)  a Sydney group calling itself Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads; and

2)  the Melbourne-based White Australian Resistance (WAR).


Some neo-Nazi activities in Australia:

1989 (January 27)  --  In Sydney, two National Action Skinheads fired bullets into the residence of a representative of the African National Congress.

1993 (May)  --  in Brisbane, Skinheads of the Australian National Socialist Movement plastered a synagogue with posters and graffiti.

1994 (Feb)  --  in Melbourne,  four female Skinheads, chanting "Romper Stomper," attacked four Asian girls with a knife and table-leg clubs at a railway station.

1994 (March 26)  --  in Adelaide, about 20 neo-Nazi Skinheads goose-stepped into a mall shouting, "Seig Heil" and "Heil Hitler." They then went on a rampage, resulting in at least 15 injuries; four Skinheads were arrested. 

1994 (April)  --  in Adelaide, Australia's biggest neo-Nazi demonstration (including Skinheads) in several decades took place. The rally was to denounce proposed anti-racist legislation. The neo-Nazis railed against "the Asian invasion" that they said would threaten white Australian identity and position. 

1994  (December)  --  Another National Action street demonstration, in an Adelaide suburb in December 1994, featured anti-Asian and other bigoted chants.




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