The Babe Ruth Story (1948)





Director:     Roy Del Ruth.

Starring:     William Bendix (George Herman 'Babe' Ruth), Claire Trevor (Claire Hodgson Ruth), Charles Bickford (Brother Matthias), Sam Levene (Phil Conrad), William Frawley (Jack Dunn), Gertrude Niesen (Nightclub Singer), Fred Lightner (Miller Huggins), Stanley Clements (Western Union Boy), Robert Ellis (Babe Ruth as a Boy), Lloyd Gough (Gambler Dalton), Matt Briggs (Colonel Jacob Ruppert), Paul Cavanagh (Dr. Menzies), Warren Douglas (Boston Braves' rookie), Pat Flaherty (Bill Carrigan, Red Sox Manager).

A not very good story of the Yankee baseball star, Babe Ruth.  Like a lot of the old movies, this version is overly sweet. 



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