Sakay (1993)




Director:     Raymond Red.

Starring:     Julio Diaz (Macario Sakay), Tetchie Agbayanim (Elena), Leopoldo Salcedo (Sakay's Father), Pen Medina (Col. Lucio de Vega), Ray Ventura (Gen. Cornelio Felizardo), Karlo Altomonte (Gen. Francisco Carreon), Archie Adamos (Faustino), Nanding Josef (Dr. Dominador Gomez),  Raul Arellano (Lt. Juan Dominguez), Bon Vibar (Capt. Bandholtz), John Arcilla (Gen. Leon Villafuerte), Raymond Keannu (Gen. Julian Montalan), Arvin Pestaño (Antonioj Montenegro),  Vangie Labalan (Woman Official), Cezar Xerez-Burgos (Don Pepe Ordoñez).

Filipino American War (1899-1902). Life of Filipino patriot and hero Macario Sakay, who continued hostilities against the United States after the "official" end of the Philippine Insurrection.



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Historical Background:


1870 --   Macario Sakay is born in Tabora Street, Tondo, Manila.

Sakay works as an apprentice in a calesa manufacturing shop. [A calesa is a small 2-wheeled calash; a calash is a a light small-wheeled 4-passenger carriage with a folding top]. 

He was also a tailor and an actor.

1894  --Sakay joins the Katipunan movement. He fought alongside Andrés Bonifacio throughout the Philippine Revolution.

1899  --he continued the struggle for Philippine independence against the United States.

Early in the Philippine-American War, he was jailed for seditious activities, and later released as part of an amnesty.

Sakay kept up his resistance and was labeled a bandit, an outlaw.  The authorities couldn't catch him, so they tricked him with offers of starting the Philippines on their way to their independence. 

1907 --  Sakay was hanged. 






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