Sarraounia (1986)




Director:     Med Hondo.

Starring:    Aï Keïta (Sarraounia), Jean-Roger Milo (Capitaine Voulet), Féodor Atkine (Chanoine), Didier Sauvegrain (Doctor Henric), Roger Miremont (Lieutenant Joalland), Luc-Antoine Diquéro (Lt. Pallier), Jean-Pierre Castaldi (Sergeant Boutel), Wladimir Ivanovsky, Tidjani Ouedraogo (Coulibaly).

troops from the French Sudan in 1899 go up against the black Sultan Rabah in Cameroon


From IMDB:

On January 2 1899, starting from the French Soudan, a french column under the commandment of the captains Voulet and Chanoine is send against the black Sultan Rabah in what is now the Cameroun. Those captains and their african mercenary troops destroy and kill everything they find on their path. The French autority try to stop them sending orders and a second troop but the captains even kill the emissaries who are reaching them. Sarraounia, queen of the Aznas, have heared about the exactions. Clever in war tactics and in witchcraft, she decides to resist and stop those mad men. Written by Jean-Marie Berthiaume <>



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