Scaramouche (1952)



Director:  George Sydney

Starring:  Stewart Granger (Andre Moreau), Eleanor Parker (Lenore), Janet Leigh (Aline de Gavrillac de Bourbon), Mel Ferrer (Noel, Marquis de Maynes), Henry Wilcoxon (Chevalier de Chabrillaine), Nina Foch (Marie Antoinette), Richard Anderson (Philippe de Valmorin/Marcus Brutus),  Robert Coote (Gaston Binet), Lewis Stone (Georges de Valmorin), Elisabeth Risdon (Isabelle de Valmorin), Howard Freeman (Michael Vanneau), Curtis Cooksey (Lawyer Fabian), John Dehner (Doutreval of Dijon), John Litel (Dr. Dubuque), Jonathan Cott (Sergeant).


Good movie, but there is not much history here.  The movie is just set during the time of the French Revolution and afterwards.

Andre Moreau (Stewart Granger) is quite the charming lady's man.  He is always flirting with beautiful women, but never settles down.  One of his girlfriends, the fiery red-head Lenore (Eleanor Parker), is an actress in a traveling troupe.  Moreau travels to Paris to prevent her from marrying the wealthy, older sausage king of Paris.  But once he suceeds, Andre runs off to come to the aid of his best friend Philippe de Valmorin who is being hunted by the king's men.  His crime is one of treason for having written a pamphlet in support of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.  Andre is able to help Philippe escape. 

The orphaned Andre learns that his father was the Count de Gavrillac.  Philippe and Andre meet later and travel to Gavrillac.  On the way, Andre falls in love with a woman stranded by a broken carriage.  And the woman is very taken with Andre.  But then Andre learns that his new love is actually his sister, Aline de Gavrillac.  (He does not tell her of his true identity.)  When they reach the Manor of Gavrillac, they discover that their father has died. 

Philippe is arrested by the king's men.  With the soldiers is the master swordsman Marquis de Maynes, who hates Philippe because he is the pamphleteer Marcus Brutus.  He challenges the author to a duel and easily kills him.  Andre vows that he will kill de Maynes as Andre escapes from the soldiers.

He stops to see Aline and is disappointed to learn that her guardian, appointed by the Queen herself, is de Maynes.  To escape the soldiers, Andre hides with the traveling troupe of actors, taking the role of Scaramouche who always wears a mask on stage.  He makes up with Lenore who is still mad at him, but also still loves him. 

To keep his vow to avenge Philippe, Andre starts to train to be a master swordsman.  While training in fencing, Andre learns that Aline is set to marry de Maynes. 

Late in the movie Andre learns that Aline is not his sister.

How is Scaramouche (Andre) going to stop Aline from marrying de Maynes?  And even if he succeeds, how will he succeed against the remarkable swordsman de Maynes?  And what of Lenore?  Will he love Lenore or Aline?  or both?    

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


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