A Sense of Loss  (1972)



Director:  Marcel Ophuls


Documentary about the troubles in Northern Ireland


Historical Background:


The situation in Northern Ireland is actually very easy to understand; that is, if one can wipe away the notion that the conflict there is a religious conflict. 

The British had a hell of a time subduing the Irish.  The Irish kept rebelling.  So the British started a colony in what is now Northern Ireland filled with Protestants.  This created a situation of an underprivileged minority, the Irish Catholics, and the privileged majority, the Protestants.   Just as in the US, the system of inequality was and is maintained by prejudice, discrimination, and an unequal distribution of the good things of life between the halves (the Protestants) and the have nots (the Irish Catholics.)

The system of discrimination was created and maintained by the British scheme of subduing the Irish. 

Are the wicked eventually punished?  I think so.  The "troubles" in Northern Ireland were the coming to roost of the problems created by the British colonization scheme.  The "troubles" have cost the British a great deal of money, worry and fear.  It is only recently, that the situation in Northern Ireland has become much better.  But much better is not full equality and there will still be a long road to hoe, just as with the situation for blacks in the United States. 

For more details of the civil rights situation in Northern Ireland, see Bloody Sunday



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