Shaka Zulu - the Last Great Warrior (2005)




Director:     Joshua Sinclair.

Starring:      Karen Allen, David Hasselhoff, Grace Jones, Henry Cele, James Fox, Omar Sharif

TV Mini-Series


follow up to Shaka Zulu (1987)


This is not a good movie.  It may be based on a true character, Shaka Zulu, but that's where the true stops.  In this story, the great Shaka Zulu (Henry Cele) is captured by slavers.  He is then placed on a slave ship where the role of the captain is played by David Hasselhoff. (As soon as I saw him on screen, I knew the movie was in trouble.  Here comes a B movie.)  Also on the ship is a daughter (Karen Allen) searching for her father (James Fox) who is not actually lost (he's just been with Shaka Zulu for quite a number of years). 

With Shaka on a slave ship, you know there's going to be hell to pay on the part of the whites.  But in a kind of Pocahontas story, the daughter searching for her father shields Shaka from some of the worst humiliations.  And as it turns out, she also shields the white settlers in Kingston.

I think you can just skip this movie (unless you just love David Hasselhoff). 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.







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