Shot Through the Heart (1998) TV



Director:  David Attwood.

Starring:   Linus Roache (Vlado), Vincent Perez (Slavko), Lia Williams (Maida), Adam Kotz (Miso), Soo Garay (Amela), Lothaire Bluteau (Zijah), Viktoria Bajza (Lenka), Daniel Betts (Serbian Soldier), Balzs Farkas (Malik), Gabriella Fon (Nurse), Caroline Trowbridge (Natasha),  Zoltn Gera (Nebojis), Karianne Henderson (Nadja), Barnabs Tth (Oroz), Rbert Irisz (Novak).

two friends on opposing sides in the Bosnia-Serbia conflict find themselves at odds



Good movie.  Two friends in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Vlado and Slavko, are sharp-shooters and Olympic athletes in this sport.  But when war comes between Bosnia on the one hand and Bosnian Serbs and the Serbian army on the other, Slavko is called up to serve in the Serbian army.  In the army, Slavko teaches soldiers how to become excellent snipers.

Slavko telephones his old friend Vlado and tells him he must leave Sarajevo because of impending hostilities.  Vlado and his wife reject the idea and stay.  Then one night, a blast through their window wakes Vlado and his family from their slumber.  The Bosnia-Serb war, and more specifically the four year long siege of Sarajevo, has begun. 

Vlado becomes joins the armed local civilian defense force, an ad-hoc organization.  Slavko calls again and tells Vlado that he can still get Vlado and his family out of Sarajevo.  But Vlado won't go.  He tries to convince his wife and child to go, but the wife refuses to leave him. 

Very quickly, Slavko and Vlado become snipers for their respective sides of the conflict.  Slavko begins inflicting a high number of casualties among the residents of Sarajevo.  Vlado is given the assignment to kill this unknown Serbian sniper.  Will Vlado be able kill his friend once he learns it is Slavko that is the enemy sniper? 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


Historical Background:


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