Sid and Nancy (1986)


Director:      Alex Cox.

Starring:      Gary Oldman (Sid Vicious), Chloe Webb (Nancy Spungen), David Hayman (Malcolm), Debby Bishop (Phoebe), Andrew Schofield (John), Xander Berkeley (Bowery Snax), Perry Benson (Paul), Tony London (Steve), Sandy Baron (Hotelier - U.S.A.), Sy Richardson (Methadone Caseworker), Edward Tudor-Pole (Hotelier - U.K.), Biff Yeager (Detective), Courtney Love (Gretchen), Rusty Blitz (Reporter), John Spaceley (Chelsea Resident).

Biopic tells the story of the musical group the Sex Pistol's bassist Sid Vicious and his disturbed American girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. Sometimes it is just better to say no to drugs.  The two love birds operate in the worlds of London and New York in the age of the drug-laden British punk era. The two kids are in an obsessive relationship probably because their lives are so bleak and they are so nihilistic.  Nancy died accidentally, but the interpretation of the causes of the event is deliberately muddied.



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