Since You Went Away (1944)




Director:    John Cromwell.

Starring:     Claudette Colbert (Anne Hilton), Jennifer Jones (Jane), Shirley Temple (Bridget "Brig" Hilton), Joseph Cotten (Lt. Anthony Willett), Monty Woolley (Col. Smollett), Robert Walker (Cpl. William G. Smollett II), Lionel Barrymore (Clergyman), Hattie McDaniel (Emily Hawkin), Agnes Moorehead (Emily Hawkin), Guy Madison (Harold Smith), Craig Stevens (Danny Williams), Keenan Wynn (Lt. Solomon), Albert Basserman (Dr. Sigmund Gottlieb Golden), Alla Nazimova (Zosia Koslowska), Lloyd Corrigan (Mr. Mahoney), Jackie Moran (Marine Officer), Jane Devlin (Gladys Brown), Ann Gillis (Becky Anderson), Dorothy Garner (Sugar).

Based on Margaret Buell Wilder's bestselling novel.


Spoiler Warning: 

Claudette Colbert is a wife left at home with her daughters (Jennifer Jones and Shirley Temple) after her husband goes into the army trying to make it through the war.  Throughout the war she deals with rationing and loneliness and much worse. She learns that her husband is missing in action and that her daughter Jennifer's boyfriend is killed in combat.  









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