Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)




Director:    Robert Wise

Starring:    Paul Newman (Rocky Graziano), Pier Angeli (Norma), Everett Sloane (manager Irving Cohen), Eileen Heckart (Ma Barbella), Sal Mineo (Romolo), Harold J. Stone (abusive father Nick Barbella), Joseph Buloff (Benny), Sammy White (Whitey Bimstein), Arch Johnson (Heldon), Robert Lieb (Questioner), Theodore Newton (Commissioner Eddie Eagan), Steve McQueen (Fidel), Robert Easton (Cpl. Quinburg), Ray Walker (Ring Announcer), Billy Nelson (Commissioner), Robert Loggia (Frankie Peppo), Matt Crowley (Lou Stillman), Judson Pratt (prison fitness instructor Johnny Hyland), Donna Jo Gribble (Yolanda Barbella), James Todd (Colonel), Jackie Kelk (George), Russ Conway (Capt. Grifton), Harry Wismer (Himself), Courtland Shepard (Tony Zale), Sam Taub (Radio Announcer).

boxer Rocky Graziano



Based on boxer Rocky Graziano's autobiography.

The movie follows the rise of Graziano to becoming the middleweight champion from his start in life as an underprivileged child with an extremely difficult childhood (an abusive father). He goes from juvenile delinquency to prison.  He does not really turn his life around until he meets Norma (Pier Angeli). Graziano, with his rough voice and comic-charming personna, became a TV personality after he retired from the ring.  

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.







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