Song without End (1960)





Director:     Charles Vidor, George Cukor (finished after Vidor's death) (uncredited).   

Starring:      Dirk Bogarde (Franz Liszt), Capucine (Princess Carolyne Wittgenstein), Geneviève Page (Countess Marie D'Agoult), Patricia Morison (Georges Sand), Ivan Desny (Prince Nicholas), Martita Hunt (Grand Duchess), Lou Jacobi (Potin), Albert Rueprecht (Prince Felix Lichnowsky), Marcel Dalio (Chelard), Lyndon Brook (Richard Wagner), Walter Rilla (Archbishop), Hans Unterkircher (Czar), Erland Erlandsen (Sigismond Thalberg), Alexander Davion (Frederic Chopin), Katherine Squire (Anna Liszt).

Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt is involved in a romantic scandal with a married Russian princess






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