South Africa:

Shaka Zulu (1987)  -- 1816-1828, feared leader of the South African Zulus

Shaka Zulu: The Last Great Warrior  (2005) --  follow up to Shaka Zulu (1987)

Zulu Dawn (1979) -- prequel to Zulu; massacre of the British

Zulu (1964) -- 1879  defense of the British Army outpost at Rorke's Drift against the Zulus

Rhodes of Africa (1936)  --  British imperialist and developer of South Africa, Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia

Rhodes (1996) TV  -- 

Untamed (1955) -- Boer trek through hostile S. African county

Breaker Morant (1980) -- 1901 in the Transvaal, South Africa; during Boer War

Young Winston (1972) --  Churchill that is

Gandhi (1982) -- first part deals with the early Gandhi, before 1915


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Cry, The Beloved Country (1995)-- tale of reconciliation between S. African black minister's son who murders white man; James Earl Jones

The Quarry (2000)  --  racism leads to the arrest of the wrong man, a black man, for the murder of a rural gay pastor

Dingaka (1965) -- white and black culture contrast in South Africa

 Sarafina (1992) -- black student resistance in Soweto, South Africa

Bopha! (1993) -- black policeman in South Africa awakens to the fact that he works for a racist organization

Cry Freedom (1987)  -- Stephen Biko 1975-77, black leader of resistance to apartheid

The Biko Inquest (1984) --  based on inquest into the Biko assassination

Mandela (1987) -- Danny Glover

Mandela and De Klerk (1997) -- the two who worked out a political answer to apartheid

The Color of Freedom (a.k.a. Goodbye Bafana) (2007)  --  story of the special relationship between Mandela and  James Gregory, his censor officer and prison guard

A Dry, White Season (1989)  --  a white teacher finally awakens to the realities of the brutality of the apartheid system in South Africa, 1976

In My Country (2004)  --  story set during the time of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings

Drum (2004)  --  apartheid and the forced removal of residents from Sophiatown  (currently unavailable)

A World Apart (1988)  --  a white teenage daughter comes to terms with her father and mother's work against apartheid in South Africa  

Catch a Fire (2006)  --  1980, South African wrongly accused of a crime, is tortured and becomes radicalized by his experience

Beat the Drum (2003)  --  a Zulu boy whose village has been devastated by AIDS goes to Johannesburg to find his long-lost uncle.  Actors Junior Singo, Owen Sejake. 

The World Unseen (2007)  --  the Indian community and its reaction to apartheid illustrated by the problems faced by two women establishing a relationship

Promised Land (2002)  --  post-Apartheid era where some whites stick to their old racist ways


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