The Stars fell on Henrietta (1995)





Director:      James Keach.

Starring:     Robert Duvall (Mr. Cox), Aidan Quinn (Don Day), Frances Fisher (Cora Day), Brian Dennehy (Big Dave McDermot), Lexi Randall (Beatric Day, eldest daughter), Kaytlyn Knowles (Pauline Day), Francesca Eastwood (Mary Day), Joe Stevens (Big Dave's driver), Billy Bob Thornton (Roy), Victor Wong (Henry Nakai), Paul Lazar (Seymour), Spencer Garrett (Delbert Tims), Park Overall (Shirl, waitress), Zach Grenier (Larry Ligstow, owner of Greek restaurant), Wayne Dehart (Robert).

a group suffering  in the Texas Dustbowl of 1935 seeks hope in the dreams of a wildcat oilman




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