Steal This Movie (2000) 




Director:    Robert Greenwald. 

Starring:    Vincent D'Onofrio (Abbie Hoffman), Janeane Garofalo (Anita Hoffman), Jeanne Tripplehorn (Johanna Lawrenson), Kevin Pollak (Gerry Lefcourt), Donal Logue (Stew Albert), Kevin Corrigan (Jerry Rubin), Alan Van Sprang (David Glenn), Troy Garity (Tom Hayden), Ingrid Veninger (Judy Albert), Stephen Marshall (Louis Wertzel), Joyce Gordon (Florence Hoffman), Bernard Kay (John Hoffman), Jean Daigle (Sheriff), Johnie Chase (Josh), Joshua Dov (Hippie Kid).

story of illegal secret government wire-tappings of any dissenters in Nixon's America


1977, while still in hiding political activist Abbie Hoffman tells his story of starting the Yippie movement. 

I enjoyed the movie.  I was never a fan of Abbie Hoffman when he was active, but through the movie I gained a certain respect for him because he fought to expose the fact that the government was illegally investigating any American of the left they deemed "suspicious".  Since the 1950s it seems that the US keeps flirting with fascism:  McCarthy era, the Nixon regime and the Bush II presidency.  








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