Strange Justice (1999)



Director:    Ernest Dickerson.

Starring:    Delroy Lindo (Clarence Thomas), Mandy Patinkin (Kenneth Duberstein), Regina Taylor (Anita Hill), Paul Winfield (Thurgood Marshall), Louis Gossett Jr. (Vernon Jordan), Stephen Young (Sen. Danforth), Philip Shepherd (Charles Goodman), Mimi Kuzyk (Marion Gray), Sherry Miller (Susan Deller Ross), Julie Khaner (Julie Desavia), Leila Johnson (Karen Hall), Janet Land (Ginni Lamp Thomas), Lisa Mende (Shirley Wiegand), Karen Glave (Sondra Norris), Barclay Hope (Tom Daniels).

Made for TV movie.

Events surrounding the 1991 appointment by President George Bush I of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.  The liberals brought in his ex-colleague Anita Hill to accuse him of sexual harassment in an attempt to block the appointment.


Spoiler Warning:




Historical Background:

The United States is a very divided nation politically.  The liberals and conservatives just have very different visions of the way the nation should be and they fight tooth and nail to prevent the other side from gaining too much power and pushing an agenda anathema to their supporters.  Both sides use character assassination to prevent the other side from getting its people into various important offices.  This was the case with the Republican Supreme Court nomination of the African-American Clarence Thomas.

From a strictly judicial perspective, Clarence Thomas was a poor choice for the Supreme Court of the United States. But politically he was a good choice because he shares the right-wing perspective of the conservatives and he is black at the same time.

Instead of the debate revolving around the differences in political perspectives between the liberals and conservatives, it became an personal attack on Thomas, accusing him of sexual harassment.  Personally, I thought it was a weak case for the liberals, but that was the road they chose to go down. 

The strategy of using personal attacks really came back to hurt the liberals with the attacks on President Bill Clinton for his sexual shenanigans with Monika Lewinsky -- attacks that virtually paralyzed Clinton's presidency.



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