Sugartime (1995)





Director:    John N. Smith.

Starring:    John Turturro (Sam Giancana), Mary-Louise Parker (Phyllis McGuire), Elias Koteas (assasin Butch Blasi), Maury Chaykin (Tony Accardo), Louis Del Grande (Chuckie English), Deborah Duchene (Christine McGuire), Larissa Lapchinski (Dorothy McGuire), Cristopher Barry (Photographer), Richard Blackburn (Police Captain), Amanda Blitz (Annette Giancana), Renessa Blitz (Francine Giancana), Kelly Bodanis (local cowgirl Doris), Valerie Boyce (Showgirl), Bob Clout (Mr. McGuire), Stuart Clow (Vince Inserra), Bill Cross (Maheu), Reg Dreger (Wadden).

Made for HBO cable network.




Spoiler Warning:





Historical Background:


1908  -- born Gilormo Giancana in Chicago, Illinois to Sicilian immigrants.

1920s  -- works for the Chicago Capone organization at low levels and then became a driver for them.  

1925  --  gets arrested for auto theft.

1928  -- under investigation for three murders.

1931 -- Capone jailed.

1933 --  marries Angeline DeTolve (they have three daughters).

1939  -- in prison for illegally manufacturing whiskey.

early 1940s  --  out of prison, he brutally takes over illegal lottery gambling operations in the black neighborhoods.

World War II  --  receives a 4-F status because the government classifies him a “constitutional psychopath” with “strong antisocial trends.”

end of WWII  -- makes enough money from counterfeit ration stamps to move to the affluent Oak Park suburb.

mid-1950s  --  Anthony “Tough Tony” Accardo steps down and Giancana takes the top spot in the Chicago Mafia.  

1954  --  his wife Angeline dies.

by 1955  --  builds the Chiago Mafia into a big-time crime organization.

1960  -- many believe that Giancana helped ensure John Kennedy’s election to the presidency through ballot stuffing in Chicago.

1960s   --   Giancana uses Sinatra as a go-between with the anti-organized crime crusader, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Giancana becomes a womanizer and friend of Frank Sinatra.  His numerous lovers included:  Phyllis McGuire, of the McGuire Sisters singing group and Judith Campbell Exner (who was also having an affair with President John F. Kennedy).

Giancana may or may not have been tied in with the CIA and its efforts to get rid of Fidel Castro in Cuba.

1963  --  Giancana's Oak Park home put under full time surveillance.

1965  --  sentenced to one year in jail for refusing to testify before a Chicago grand jury on organized crime.

1966-1974  --  he lives in Mexico until his extradition from that country.  

1975  -- shot and killed in Chicago while cooking in his basement before he could testify before a United States Senate committee investigating the Mafia's connection with the CIA plot to assassinate Castro.

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