The Vikings, in England the House of Denmark, 1013-1042:

The Vikings (1958) -- the scourge of Ireland and England/Scotland as well as elsewhere

Valhalla Rising  (2009)   --  year 1000 A.D., discovery of the new world

Gil Invasori (d'annunzio or  The Invaders)  (1961)  --  8th-9th century Vikings attack Britain

The Norseman (1978) --  11th century Viking prince sailed all the way to North America in search of his lost father

The Viking Sagas (1995)  --   battles for the chieftainship in Viking Iceland

A Viking Saga (2008)  --  Viking story

White Viking (1998)  --  continuation of the Icelandic Sagas around 1,000 AD and the reign of King Olaf, who holds the wife of Askur hostage ($70)

The Long Ships (1964)  --  Vikings against the Moors in search of a huge all gold bell

L’ Ultimo dei Vikinghi  (The Last Viking )  (1961)  --  Norwegian Vikings try to overthrow the tyrant Sveno

Den sidste Viking (The Last Viking) (1997)  --  Danish movie from boy Harald's perspective about a mad king out to confiscate all the ships of his village

Thirteenth Warrior (1999)  --  10th century Arab shocked by Viking behavior in Russia

Utlaginn (The Outlaw) (1981)  – an Icelandic film about and accurately depicting the peoples involved in a Viking blood feud (based on the Icelanders' Sagas called the Gísla saga)

Den rde kappe (Red Mantle) (1967) – Icelandic Viking saga

I Tartari (The Tartars) (1961)  --  after the death of his brother Togrul in a battle with the Slavs, Burundai becomes the Tartar leader ; Vikings capture Togrul's daughter



Fru Inger til strt (Lady Inger of Ostrat) (1975) --  1528, Norwegian noble woman seeking independence for the nation in the time of the Kalmar Union (1396-1537) involving Sweden, Denmark and Norway

Karin Mansdotter (1954) – 1550–1612, started as mistress and ended as Swedish Queen to Eric XIV (reign 1560-1568)

Queen Christina (1933) -- 1654 Queen Christina of Sweden; Greta Garbo

The Abdication (1974) – Queen Christina of Sweden abdicates; what happened to Queen Christina when she converted to Catholicism

Vredens dag (Day of Wrath) (1943)  --  accusations of witchcraft in a 17th c. Danish village

Snapphanar (Scanian Guerilla ) (1941) – Scanian War, 1676-1679, between Sweden and Denmark

X Karl XII (1925)  --  Charles XII of Sweden (reigned 1697-1718); Great Northern War (1700-1721)

Sluga Gosudarev (The Sovereign's Servant) (2007)  --  1709 during war between Russian and Sweden (The Great Northern War, 1700-1721)  --  (currently unavailable)

Epitaph für einen König (1969) – Epitaph for a King;  King Karl XII of Sweden (1697-1718)

Gustav III (1974) – assassination of Sweden’s King Gustav III (ruled 1771-1792)

Lockfgeln (The Decoy) (1971) – on his death-bed, a father asks his son to kill King Gustav III

Gustav III's äktenskap (The Marriage of Gustav III) (2001) – Gustav III of Sweden, nine years into his marriage

Kustaa III (1964) – Finnish film, Strindberg play adaptation; Gustav III, King of Sweden (1771-1792) when Finland was part of Sweden

Behöriga äga ej tillträde (1988) – 1890s Sweden

General von Döbeln (1942)  --  Swedish general who fought in the Russian War, Finnish War and Second War Against Napoleon

Le destin fabuleux de Désirée Clary (Mlle. Desiree) (1942) – Désirée Clary once the fiancée of Napoleon Bonaparte and later Queen of Sweden & Norway as wife of King Charles XIV John

Desiree (1954) --  the future queen and king of Sweden and Napoleon; a seamstress loves Napoleon, but his marriage to aristocrat Josephine spoils her dreams

The Kautokeino Rebellion (2008) –   religious and cultural reawakening inspires rebellion in a 19th century Norwegian Saami village

Potop (The Deluge) (1975) --  second part of the trilogy; Swedish army invades Poland and a warrior fights for the heart of Olenka

Desiree (1954) --  the future queen and king of Sweden and Napoleon



The Shaping of the Western World.  Bismarck: Germany from Blood and Iron (2008)  -- a docudrama about Otto von Bismarck who was the most responsible man in uniting Germany into a single nation; Bismarck grabs Schleswig and Holstein from Denmark in order to help unite Germans into one united nation



Jim Thorpe --  native American star of the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden


Child of Mine (2005)  -- Swedish film; over 70,000 Finnish war children sent to Sweden, Norway and Denmark; one boy's story in Sweden


Invasion of Norway, April 9, 1940

The Last Lieutenant (1993)  --  light resistance to the Nazi invasion of Norway

Hamsun (1997)  --  Norwegian Nobel Laureate and German invasion of Norway

Edge of Darkness (1943)  --  underground movement in Norway during the Nazi takeover (starring Errol Flynn)   --  (not yet available)

Heroes of Telemark (1965)  --  Norwegian resistance tries to stop the Nazis from producing an atomic bomb component (with Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris)

Max Manus (2008)  --  true story of key player in the Norwegian Resistance  --  ($32)

Ni Liv (Nine Lives) (1957)  --  about Jan Baalsrud, a member of the Norwegian resistance during World War II   ($26)

Commandoes Strike at Dawn (1942)  --  Norwegian resistance     ($35)

Svik (Betrayal) (2009)  --  a Norwegian woman works for the Resistance to German occupation of her country and has to deal with corrupt Norwegian businessmen and a corrupt German officer, among other matters

The Day Will Dawn (The Avengers) (1942)   --  a foreign correspondent heads to Norway after Hitler's invasion of Poland and his boat is attacked by a German U-boat;  he tells the British navy but no one believes him

Flammen & Citronen (Flame and Citron)  (2008)--  Danish Resistance to German occupation


X  I slik en natt (It Happened One Night) (1958) – a young woman doctor who in 1942, helped several Jewish children escape for the border to neutral Sweden

X  A Day in October (1992)  --  Danish resistance helps 7,200 Danish Jews escape to Sweden

God Afton, Herr Wallenberg (Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg) (1990)  --  Swedish national saves Hungarian Jews

X  Wallenberg:  A Hero's Story (2 DVD set)  -- the hero saving Jews



The Black Pimpernel (2007)  --  after the military coupe in Chile,  the Swedish ambassador to Chile saves more than 1,300 lives by moving them to Sweden

Zozo (2005)  --  during the Lebanese civil war, a Lebanese boy gets separated from his family and ends up in Sweden 

Flugten (The Escape) (2009)   --  female Danish journalist taken hostage in Afghanistan and the terror group threatens to kill her if Denmark does not remove its troops from Afghanistan




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