Tandang sora (1947)




Director:     Lamberto V. Avellana.

Starring:     Rosa Del Rosario,  Pedro Faustino,  Engracio Ibarra,  Eduardo Infante,  Fernando Royo,  Leopoldo Salcedo,  Quiel Segovia.

(language:  Filipino/Tagalog)

a heroine of Philippine history, popularly known asTandang Sora.  Her real name was Melchora Aquino. 



Spoiler Warning: 





Historical Background:


1812 (January 6)  --  Aquino is born to  a peasant couple in Balintawak, Quezon City.  She never attended school, but she became a reader at an early age. .

Aquino marries Fulgencio Ramos, village chief, and bore six children.

Ramos dies when their youngest child was seven years old.  Aquino works hard running a store in order to give her children an education.

1896  --the Philippine Revolution breaks out.  At the time Aquino was already 84 years old. 

Her store becomes a refuge for sick and wounded revolutionaries.  Also, her place became a meeting place for revolutionary leaders.

Aquino becomes known as "Tandang Sora" ("Elder Sora").

She is arrested by the guardia civil and is deported to Guam, Mariana Islands.

1898  --  The USA takes control of the Philippines.   Tandang Sora returns to Philippines.

1919 (March 2)  --  at the age of 107,  Tandang dies. 





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