Telos Epochis (End of an Era) (1995)




Director:  Antonis Kokkinos.

Starring:  Demosthenes Papadopoulos (Christos), Kostas Kazanas (Giorgos), Giorgos Pyrpassopoulos (Pericles), Despina Kourti (Lena), Peggy Trikalioti (Stella), Despina Tomazani (Pericles' mother), Vangelis Kazan (Christos' Father), Tassos Yannopoulos (Yiannis), Petros Gallias (Nassos).

This movie has been referred to as the Greek Graffiti (equivalent to American Graffiti). Just as in American Graffiti, the political and social lives of the young of 1969-1970 are revealed in rich detail by following a group of high school seniors through their daily lives. Some of the idols of the groups are American and British rockers, American actor James Dean and British movie character James Bond. A father of another of the group works to oppose the military dictatorship in Greece.


Spoiler Warning:



Historical Background:


See Z (1969).






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