Testament of Youth (1979)





Starring:    Cheryl Campbell (Vera Brittain),  Emrys James (Mr. Brittain),  Jane Wenham (Mrs. Brittain),  Peter Woodward (Roland Leighton),  Rosalie Crutchley (Miss Penrose),  Rupert Frazer (Edward Brittain),  Michael Troughton (Victor Richardson),  June Tobin (Mrs. Leighton),  Geoffrey Burridge (Geoffrey),  Tricia George (Betty),  Kenneth Gilbert (Mr. Richardson),  Victor Lucas (Mr. Leighton).

TV mini-series based on Vera Brittain's autobiography for the years 1913-1925 who becomes a nurse & is almost overwhelmed at seeing the faces of dead and horribly wounded friends and family




Spoiler Warning:

Episode 1.

Buxton, Derbyshire.  1913.  [Derbyshire is a county of England in the Midlands.  Buxton. in northwest Derbyshire, is a spa town and the gateway to the Peak District National Park.]  Vera Brittain plays the piano, while her mother sings.  Their guests are all older people and Vera doesn't seem to be enjoying herself, and that's especially true when they start teasing her about some lad that they think she's sweet on.  Vera leaves the room.  Her father follows after her to ask her what was the meaning of that little exhibition?  He goes on to say that Vera insulted the guests and humiliated her parents.  Vera says that she was the one who was humiliated.  She now asks her father to try very hard to understand that she doesn't want to marry the curate.  She wants to go to the university, but her dad is opposed to the idea.  She gets so exasperated that she starts shouting that she is 18 years old and a woman now. 

Vera's brother Edward comes home and sister is very glad of it.  She says Buxton and the house are so dreary and nothing changes.  She's bored and fed up with always having to do things her father's way.  Vera also complains that men have so many choices in life, while women have very few. 






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